5 Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

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Planning a wedding is tough and a really exciting experience. Hopefully, this is something that you only do once in your life. The problem is that wedding planning takes so much out of your time that it is so easy to forget about the honeymoon. Also, nowadays it is hard to have a long honeymoon so most of us will only get a week off from work. With this in mind, we have to make sure that everything is perfect. In order to help you out, let us offer some suggestions about honeymoon destinations that are incredibly popular.


couple on honeymoon
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Hawaii Honeymoons

In most cases we have to consider Hawaii as being the most popular honeymoon destination in the world. There are dozens of possible locations that you can consider and all the days you spend here are sunny, filled with romance. Hawaii is perfect for those that want to relax and have a lot of fun.


Papakolea Beach, Big Island, Hawaii
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You might want to consider any of the big islands: Honolulu, Kauai, Molokai and Maui. They are pastoral and having a Hawaiian wedding is something that you might want to consider, not just the honeymoon because of the traditions that are respected here. If you are looking for a honeymoon location that is highly romantic and relaxing, Hawaii has to be considered. Many couples opt for vacation rentals so you might want to see what others say about them before booking.

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Fiji Honeymoons


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Fiji is well known as a tropical paradise but it is also a great place to have a honeymoon. Most of the destinations offer clear blue waters, romantic resorts, palm trees, white sand beaches and a whole lot more. What makes Fiji special is the welcoming natives that are friendly and warm. Also, there are various luxurious resorts that you can consider staying at. We can say that Fiji is similar to Hawaii but it is a little more expensive in the event that you want luxury. If you think about a Fiji honeymoon, you might want to consider Turtle Island as a romantic, secluded location. Also, many couples enjoy scuba diving on their Fiji honeymoon so that is definitely something that you might want to consider.


France Honeymoons


By Jöshua Barnett under CC BY 2.0
By Jöshua Barnett under CC BY 2.0


French is known as the language of love and France is world renowned for offering a lot to those people that are romantic. It is definitely a country that pops-up in your mind when you think about honeymoons in Europe. In fact, the only country that should be considered for the perfect European romantic honeymoon is France. Some will argue that Italy is better but that is not the case according to people that experienced both worlds.

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You will surely want to visit Paris and we also suggest Burgundy as a perfect visit for a couple on their honeymoon. If you think about something more rustic, Lorain is what you are looking for. On the whole, France is perfect for young couples and the best destination in Europe for a romantic honeymoon.


Mexico Honeymoons


Honeymoon in Mexico
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This surely comes as a surprise but the truth is that Mexico is highly underrated when thinking about travelling in general. All that you need to do in order to see that the country is great for a honeymoon is to learn all that you can about Huatulco, Nueva Vallarta and Mayan Riviera. These are all incredible beaches that offer numerous outdoor activities and perfect opportunities for the newlyweds to gain unforgettable memories. If you want something more romantic, consider Guanajuato and Taxco. We can say that Mexico is perfect for the couple that loves an outdoor adventure as there are various nature hikes and wildlife encounters that can be experienced.


Aruba Honeymoons


Aruba beach
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Out of all the five honeymoon destinations that we recommend, this is most likely the one that you do not know much about. Aruba is great for having fun in the sun and you will love that the weather is always perfect. It might be small but there are many nightclubs, resorts on the beach, casinos and restaurants to entertain you in every second of the day. The locals are friendly and the entire island is welcoming.

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These are my personal top 5 picks for a wonderful honeymoon. Of course, they might not be yours so be sure to comment and let us know what you see as the perfect honeymoon destination. Tell us all about your own exotic, weird, romantic or special honeymoon!

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