The World’s Most Unique Hotels

From budget brands for the money-conscious traveller to opulent palaces for the well-heeled and from mountain top retreats to authentic medieval castles, holidaymakers and business travellers alike have a remarkable range of hotels from which to select. While to many a hotel is a functional overnight rest place to grab a few hours’ sleep, for the discerning traveller a unique hotel can make a stay an unforgettable experience.

In Europe

As one of the world’s most spectacular capital cities, many travellers visit London for world famous hotel stays which is hardly surprising given that the city is home to some of the most renowned hotels across the globe. 40 Winks in London’s trendy East End is unrivalled for its acclaimed interior design by David Carter which reflects the history of the Queen Anne townhouse which dates from the early 18th century. As one of the capital’s most prominent location properties for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, the stylish 40 Winks is synonymous with elegance. With only two bedrooms early booking is essential to appreciate the stunning interiors of this hotel where plasma televisions and minibars are not a feature but extraordinary gilded baths and breath taking designs are.


V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Stuttgart
Via Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0


Motoring enthusiasts are guaranteed a memorable stay at the car-themed V8 in Böblingen, Germany. Travellers visiting the factories of Mercedes Benz and Porsche nearby can live out their passion in the hotel where they can sleep in beds constructed from cars or select from unique interiors styled in car wash or petrol station designs.

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From airborne to underground and to Sweden’s Sala Silvermine, home to the world’s deepest subterranean bedroom. The mine – one of the best preserved of its type in the world – won’t be every traveller’s cup of tea with corridors that are dark and damp rather than warm and airy and an interior design more befitting Dracula. The underground caverns and lakes are sure to inspire the intrepid who choose to venture 155 metres below the Earth’s surface.


In Central and South America


Costa Verde
By Geraint Rowland under CC BY 2.0

Sometimes you have to look a little further for a unique hotel experiences outside of the popular tourist attractions of the cities. The Costa Verde in Quepos, Costa Rica, which borders rainforest and coastal beauty, features an authentic Boeing 727 fuselage transformed into a hotel that is elevated to 15 metres above the ground, giving guests an eerie sensation of flying, while the rear bedroom enjoys a handcrafted deck from which monkeys and toucans can be observed and touched.


Magic Mountain in Panguipulli
By Robinson Esparza under CC BY-SA 2.0


For something more fairy-tale in appearance, Magic Mountain in Panguipulli, Chile features a stone tower with a waterfall that cascades from the rooftop, giving guests a remarkable view from their bedroom windows. Condors and eagles circle in the air above the tower while puma pace the ground, putting travellers right into the heart of one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems.

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