Best Rock Climbing Opportunities In Mexico

Best Rock Climbing Opportunities In MexicoAccording to specialists, if rock climbing would have evolved as an activity in Mexico at the same time it did in Europe, thousands of routes would have been available and you would have needed a full life in order to experience all the country offers.

Nowadays, there are many developed zones that cover the entire country. At the last count there were close to 300 climbing sites available, which is definitely much more than you would initially believe. Some zones are more important than others but you will want to take your time when you plan your rock climbing vacation in Mexico. This is because of the various options you can take advantage of.

Main Mexico Rock Climbing Destinations To Consider

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This is definitely hard to narrow down. However, we can give you some great ideas, based on the general zones that have been considered by rock climbers till now.

Northern Area Rock Climbing

Chico Potrero

You will find the best rock climbing in San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua and Baja California Norte. Rock quantity there is huge and you can easily find great sports crags, bouldering regions and very impressive walls. Some great areas to consider for rock climbing include:

  • Chico Potrero – Located in Nuevo Leon, close to Monterrey. The area is basically the most developed in the entire country, featuring over 1500 rock climbing routes and 40 great sectors you can try out. Multi-pitch routes are available and you can also enjoy various vertical walls. However, this is the most visited of all the rock climbing areas in Mexico.
  • Puente De Dios – Quite great for overhanding rock climbing.
  • La Huasteca – If you are looking for great limestone rock climbing, this is where you want to go. There are 500 meters high walls you can experience and the potential of the region is still not properly taken care of in the sense that so much more can be done with the region. This limestone area is a true paradise for rock climbers.
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Central Area Rock Climbing


Most of the rock climbing regions here have a volcanic rock base. Many volcanoes are huge and great sports crags are featured. You gain access to a lot of rock and the climbers that visited already created some wonderful crags, even close to Mexico City and Guadalajara, 2 really popular travel destinations for people from all around the world. If you want to go rock climbing here, consider the following top destinations:

  • Jilotepec – This rock climbing destination is just around 1 hour away from Mexico’s capital. The area is highly developed for sports rock climbing. Routes present are quite fabulous and you want to seriously consider the visit here, especially if you love chopped edges.
  • El Arenal – This is basically a sports crag that features various interesting sectors. If you love extreme overhanging routes, you will want to experience Cave Of El Arenal. Alternatively, think about La Colmena, another wonderful section.
  • El Cuajo – This really beautiful canyon offers sports routes for a maximum of 3 pitches. In order to reach route base you will have to rappel down but once you start climbing, you will love it.

Southern Area Rock Climbing


Even Mexico’s southern area features various rock climbing spots you can consider. You will want to go to Guerrero in order to experience sport climbing crags and Oaxaca should follow. Make sure that you think about rock climbing in:

  • Chontacoatlan – The spectacular rock climbing spot is among the most beautiful in the country, with a stunning cave that stands out as a temple filled with so many huge stalactites you will not see anywhere else.
  • La Meca – The wave here is wave shaped and oriented to the north, offering great experiences that you want to take advantage of. Routes here are difficult though so you want to be sure that you will only go there in the event that you are good at rock climbing.
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