5 US Cities Where You Can Experience Wonderful Ghost Tours

If you are interested in a vacation that is filled with things that go bump in the night, cemeteries, paranormal investigations and haunted houses, the following US cities are definitely the spookiest you can consider. Destinations are historic and there are surely numerous great ghost tours that you can be a part of. Just be sure that you are ready to sleep with your lights on after you are on the tour.

New Orleans – Louisiana

Many will tell you that New Orleans is the most haunted city in USA and it is hard to argue with that. There are so many legends in the city, ranging from stories about fictional vampires to pirates and even voodoo queens. Being on a New Orleans history haunted ghost tour will bring various colorful characters to life as you walk through the French Quarter, together with ghost-hunting guides. You will hear about horrific and strange events that are documented in records, go pass haunted sites and stop for drinks at bars that are supposedly haunted.

San Francisco – California

San Francisco is a true haven for fortune seekers, eccentrics and hippies, a very important stop for a West Coast search for spirits. The raucous history of the city features various sinister personalities, especially when looking at a ghost walking tour in San Francisco’s Chinatown. As shops are closed and tourists are nowhere to be found, you are taken down various dimly lit backstreets with a historian guide specialized in everything in the area. You will hear many spooky stories about kidnapped sailors, brawls and even ancient Chinese folklore. You will also be given a bonus as you will learn why firecrackers and feng shui are used in order to ward off the worst spirits.

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Salem – Massachusetts

Salem is a top haunted city of USA, especially after the famous witch trials of Salem during the seventeenth century. Numerous horrific events took place as the trials were about to start and executions in Salem featured hundreds of people. There are some ghost walking tours taking you through legends featuring vampires, voodoo and real stories of people that died. Paranormal investigators are going to lead the tours and you can actually visit the original dungeons where witches were held. Guides take it one step further and analyze personal photos for ghost evidence.

Savannah – Georgia

Savannah is right on top of a burial ground for Native Americans, a city that was scarred by hurricanes, war, yellow fever and so many other disasters. Hauntings are numerous and the main nightlife attraction here is actually a haunted pub tour. Historic bars are featured. You can sip on various cocktails as a pro guide will share dark deed tales and stories of strange happenings. A stop in front of Colonial Park Cemetery is usually included since this is considered to be the most haunted location in the city.

Charleston – South Carolina

Charleston is the type of city that you want to visit in order to listen to ghost stories. The local ghost haunting tour welcomes visits for over twenty years and everything is based on well-researched books written by local authors. You can so easily learn about the former residents that met a mysterious and tragic end and move right along eighteenth century gravestones that have exclusive afterhours access. If you are looking for a ghost tour that shares stories about local history as you are getting spooked, Charleston is for you.

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