New York City Hidden Gems

New York City offers something to satisfy every palate, from authentic diners to internationally acclaimed restaurants. But its attractions go well beyond its culinary scene alone.

Art galleries and history museums satisfy culture-vultures, massive department stores tempt shopaholics, and exotic cuisine satisfies globe-trotting foodies alike. Beyond these well-known sights and attractions lie many hidden gems that only locals know about.

1. The Cloisters

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters are one of New York City’s greatest hidden treasures, housing medieval European artwork in an architectural setting evoking monastic inspiration. First opened to visitors in 1938 and comprised five medieval cloisters imported piecemeal from Europe for assembly here – with their soaring arches, gilded stained glass windows, and detailed tapestries transporting you back in time and place!

The museum is home to many exquisite artifacts that are worth discovering, while its garden provides a charming spot for strolling and contemplation of both art and nature. Springtime brings breathtaking displays of cherry blossoms as well as other trees and blooming flowers which cover this exquisite space in vibrant hues.

In addition to its picturesque surroundings, The Cloisters’ exhibits are a feast for the eyes. Each piece of art on display provides an intriguing insight into medieval European culture. While this museum draws many visitors for its impressive collections, their experience becomes all the more rewarding when there are no crowds present.

Although easily reachable via public transportation, most city dwellers must make the effort to travel uptown for this museum experience. But it’s worth making time for such an exceptional opportunity of art and history!

The Cloisters Museum & Library features an impressive collection, as well as educational programs designed for visitors of all ages that explore medieval art and culture. There is also a gift shop with books and mementos inspired by medieval gardens – perfect souvenirs to take away with you from this experience! To further explore the surrounding area, visitors should also visit Cloisters Park which features gardens inspired by medieval gardens; admission is free and open to the public; also nearby are various parks that feature lush outdoor spaces such as Greenwich Village or Chelsea which offer hidden gems that can help give an inside look into some of Manhattan’s hidden gems that may otherwise remain hidden away – great places for learning more information!

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2. The Real World Sculptures Park

As soon as visitors to New York City arrive, it can be easy to become transfixed on its greatest hits: Brooklyn Bridge, MoMA and Times Square are popular tourist spots while world-class Broadway performances and art galleries draw crowds of culture enthusiasts; massive department stores tempt shopaholics while restaurants cater to globe-trotting foodies – but New York offers much more than these well-known destinations; its “hidden gems” provide unique experiences and sights not found elsewhere in town.

Real World Sculptures Park is an intimate sculpture garden situated within Hudson River Park near the Financial District. Cast in bronze – which was the artist’s preferred medium – they portray miniature scenes of bustling society with workers, animals, robbers, bankers, predators, and prey all mixing in harmony – one of New York City’s top tourist spots! These captivating works have quickly become one of its top tourist draws.

Few sculpture gardens in New York City compare with this hidden gem. Beyond its landscaped grounds and monumental sculptures, this Garden also boasts an incredible collection of artwork by world-renowned artists – some such as Seward Johnson’s “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies” are inspired by paintings by Claude Monet while Edouard Manet’s “Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe” brings his artworks to life.

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Garden also houses a small museum and education center, perfect for young children or groups of schoolchildren to visit. There is educational material available and a staff member available to answer questions.

Members can visit for free, while non-members are asked to make a suggested donation of $25 per adult. It is open daily (except Mondays) between 10am-5pm at 125 W 17th Street in Manhattan – for more information please visit their website here.

3. McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co.

New York City is well-known for its iconic landmarks, but the Big Apple also holds many hidden treasures. Art galleries and world-class shows on Broadway satisfy culture-vultures; sprawling department stores tempt shoppers; and international restaurants provide delicious options. Yet New York offers more than its greatest hits; you need only explore further!

New Yorkers know their tea and coffee, and Greenwich Village institution Snow Dragon Yellow Buds knows them both! Open since 1895, this old-school store exudes an aura of history that pervades everything from its battered wood floors to its apothecary-style bottles and jars.

McNulty’s offers an impressive variety of loose tea, from classic black tea and fruity rooibos blends to delicate white tea varieties and custom blends. Their friendly staff can offer recommendations based on personal taste or create custom blends; McNulty’s is known for offering rare and exotic coffee beans!

McNulty’s tea specialists can assist in selecting an exquisite gift for the tea and coffee enthusiasts in your life. Choose a stylish set of mugs or French presses; or give a teapot or tin of coffee that stands out among standard fare. Additionally, McNulty’s is also an excellent place to find something special just for yourself!

McNulty’s is located in a historic building at St John’s Place and West 3rd Street between Upper East Side and Greenwich Village, open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or online via their website and offer free delivery within the downtown area and worldwide shipping (call ahead if out-of-area), offering exceptional fast, friendly service with 4.8 star ratings on Yelp for customer satisfaction! Don’t miss this hidden gem on your next trip to NYC – it will make sure!

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4. Grand Central Whispering Gallery

Grand Central Terminal in New York is an iconic landmark that attracts captains of industry, innovators, and dotcomers from around the globe, drawing them in with its magnificent architecture, historic artifacts, and captivating mythology. Yet this place also harbors a surprising secret that remains as captivating.

Grand Central Terminal’s lower level features four low arches constructed by father and son back in 1913, capable of carrying even whispered messages loud and clear despite all of the hustle, bustle, tourists, commuters, vendors and vendors.

To experience the whispering gallery for yourself, simply stand with a friend at any diagonally opposing corners of an arch (not directly beside each other but far apart) and whisper. Their voices will come through as clearly as if you were standing inches away – thanks to archway acoustics! It truly is something amazing (and breathtaking!).

Guastavino’s tile architecture system enabled this beautiful happenstance; when someone spoke into one corner of an arch, their voice carried effortlessly to the opposite side of the room.

No matter if you need a short respite or are simply seeking to add some special moments to your New York City trip, Grand Central Whispering Gallery is worth visiting. Just remember to leave any pets at home as this space is pet-free; but if you bring along your pup be sure to visit these dog-friendly spots!

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