Best Rafting Places In The Western US

Getting ready for your holiday? Want to have some fun and water rafting is all that you have ever dreamed of doing all year long? We have the perfect holiday location for you in this case: Western US. Why is that? Because you will find there the perfect rafting places that will allow you to have a great time. Let’s see what your best options might be.

1. Deschutes River, Oregon

Deschutes River, Oregon rafting

The first option for your perfect water rafting holiday in Western US is Deschutes River, Oregon. It is a dramatic river in the Pacific Northwest that will certainly attract your attention because it is full of chutes.

This river is full of falls which makes it the perfect option for spending a great holiday on water, guaranteeing that you will have the most thrilling holiday experience of your life. If you are really into adrenaline then you should definitely visit the Elevator Rapids section which is said to be only for those who love to engage in a thrilling watery experience.

You will get a real treat meanwhile due to the amazing scenery made of rock formations and interesting lava flows.

  1. Salmon River’s Middle Fork, Idaho

Salmon River’s Middle Fork, Idaho

How about an amazing rafting experience in Idaho? If you are a real adventurous rafting fan then you must have heard of the amazing fun you can have in Idaho at the Salmon River’s Middle Fork.

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It is said to be the most thrilling rafting place in the area and it can only be true if we were to consider the fact that it features a 105-mile rafting course that drops 3000 feet in elevation.

If you are still not impressed, let us mention the 300 rapids that adorn the river and we are certain that you will want to be there right this moment. You can definitely get your fill of white water rafting at the Salmon River’s Middle Fork in Idaho.

  1. New River, West Virginia

New River, West Virginia

Here we are presenting you the third great option for your perfect water rafting holiday in Western US: New River, West Virginia. This is an iconic location for rafting fans in the area together with its bridge and gorge that will also attract your attention for sure.

This is one of the perfect highlights of the area due to its amazing Appalachian scenery. Want to read more about your next holiday location? Well, we will only mention one more reason why you should consider it: the roller coaster created by the river water speeding up. It will certainly show you a good time through the perfect wild water ride!

  1. Gauley River, West Virginia

Gauley River, West Virginia

Gauley River is a widely thrilling water river in West Virginia that will ensure you a great rafting experience. It is considered one of the first whitewater runs worldwide which makes it even a greater attraction for rafting fans.

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Get ready for a new season of fun in these great places for rafting in Western US!

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