5 Virtually Unknown Travel Activities To Enjoy In Nice, France

So many talk about the great vacation that they have in Nice, France, but few actually get to experience more except what the travel agencies offer. If you want to take advantage of all that Nice offers, you want to experience those activities that are mainly known by the locals. This is exactly what we will focus on at the moment, highlighting various travel activities that few people even consider when going to Nice.

Enjoy A Dose Of Art

Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

When talking about art, Nice offers both old and new opportunities. If you are interested in contemporary art, you will want to visit Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain. Here you will find a huge collection of modern, contemporary art, including New Realism and Pop Art. If you want to see some of the young artists you will visit Galerie Jean Renoir and if you want something older, Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall is a great option.

Soak In The Sun On Private Beaches

Private Beaches

You obviously want to go to the beach when you go to Nice but you should want to consider the private beaches. There are different hotels that will make your stay totally wonderful and that will give you access to some majestic beaches with luxury features like hessian carpets, waiter services, lockers and much more. If you do love watersports, you want to consider these private beaches.

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Wine Tasting In Nice

Wine Tasting In Nice

There are so many natural wines produced with minimum amounts of sulphites and chemicals in Nice. Many do not know about the biodynamic or organic options available here. While their popularity is high, few tours exist so it is the perfect time to simply enjoy a great glass of wine while a part of a wine tasting tour. Look for various locations that do offer local wines and we do recommend you think about visits at Resto Wine Notes, Cave de la Tour and Le Bistrot d’Antoine.

Travel Activities For Chocolate Lovers In Nice, France


Do you love chocolate? If so, Nice will be a true paradise for you. It is so easy to find some wonderful wellbeing and spa centers that will give you options to rejuvenate and relax. This does include choco-cooning, which means rolling around in melted chocolate and creamy ganache. What can be better than that? Choco-cooning is only 1 of the over 80 treatments that are currently available at many spas in Nice and you will want to also look for some pastry shops for some extra chocolate. After all, you are in France

Visit Religious Sites

Chapelle de la Misericorde

Paris is definitely not the only place where you can visit some great churches. There are many that are tremendous in Nice and you want to visit them. Some of the best that you will want to take into account are Cathedrale Saint Nicolas for the Russian Orthodox architecture, Chapelle de la Misericorde for the Baroque architecture and L’Elise de l’Annonciation.

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The next time you visit Nice or you go there the first time, you want to consider all that was written above. You will love the experience offered.

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