Hot Air Balloon Rides And Helicopter Tours Of St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is quite a large city in Russia. You cannot expect to see a large part of it without spending many days in the town. There are various choices available and we can say that you can find something for every single personal taste and wish. This does include seeing St. Petersburg from above.

The two air tour options that are currently available are helicopter and hot air balloon rides.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Over St. Petersburg

Hot Air Balloon Rides Over St. Petersburg

There are different companies that offer this option but you will want to look at those that offer the flights over Pavlovsk and Pushkin since the views are simply better. You can get rid of the city’s hustle and simply go to the skies, allowing you to gain a lovely bird’s eye view of the regions mentioned. You would be on a tour that normally takes one hour, offering landscape views that are wonderful, manor houses, magnificent palaces, scenic lakes, forests and beautiful rivers. Photos can be taken from the height of 300 meters and when y ou land, you will normally be offered a great Champagne lunch or breakfast, together with a flight certificate.

Hot air balloon rides start at different hours, all around the day. Obviously, you can only go in the event that the weather allows it. The hot air balloon ride is an option that is usually considered by families but it can also be a romantic experience that you will remember.

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We recommend that you opt for the early tour since it will be beautiful and not many want to enjoy such an experience at that hour. Sometimes prices are also lower. You will be able to enjoy 360 degree views of the wonderful St. Petersburg and you will definitely love the experience. Safety is, of course, guaranteed with all the professional guides that are currently available, most with over 1000 of flight hours.

Private Helicopter Tour St. Petersburg

Private Helicopter Tour St. Petersburg

Being on a scenic helicopter flight in St. Petersburg is definitely wonderful. The only problem is that this is an experience that will cost a lot of money, normally around $1,500 for a one hour flight. If you can afford something like this, you will get to see some of the most famous architectural ensembles in the world from an angle that is quite unique. The pictures you will see are wonderful.

There are a couple of options that you can take into account but normally the tour that takes you just over the city is the one that you want to think about. The route can be chosen based on how long you want to be in the air and the sights that you want to see.

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Since the price is high for the helicopter tours, you can expect different extras being included, like hotel pickup and drop-offs, cruising at the desired spot, a variation of landing spots (although in most cases helicopters land close to St. Isaak’s Cathedral) and world-class attention. You will be on the flight with a guide that will give you a lot of information about what you see and the pilots are always highly experienced for your safety.

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