The 6 Most Dangerous Surfing Spots In The World

The 6 Most Dangerous Surfing Spots In The WorldMany surfers will admit that the very best wave is never going to be enough as there is a desire for more every single time a wave is ridden. The truth is that there are always promises for better waves if you are willing to deal with the associated risks. Adrenaline is right at home in the following locations, with the most dangerous and deadliest waves in the entire world.

Banzai Pipeline – Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline is unanimously described as having the most deadly and heaviest waves in the entire world. Rights and lefts that are powerful and hollow are breaking over jagged coral reef. Unfortunately, this lead to the most surfing deaths of all locations, more than all combined. This does include some highly experienced world-renowned surfers.

What is interesting is that Pipeline’s really dangerous waves are not those that are the biggest. As the swells pick up fast and then double up over a shallow inside section we see the highly dangerous swells. Although we are talking about a lot of danger, this is a very popular surf spot, being highly intense and crowded during seasons.

Ghost Trees – California

Ghost Trees is shark-infested and colder than other breaks. At the same time, there are some huge boulders that are lining the shore and at the bottom. A deadly right-hander that is typically tow-in should be avoided, even if the swell is huge and highly attractive. What is of high importance is that the wave force is very high and heights can reach 80 feet. Although the destination was recently discovered when compared with the rest on the list, reputation is already high and just the very good big wave surfers have the courage to tackle the waves.

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Teahupoo – Tahiti

Teahupoo is really challenging for surfers, located in French Polynesia’s main island. Waves are top-heavy and break around half a mile out in sea, really close to a sharp coral reef. It is unique because of how top heavy waves are during the large swells. At least one surfer died as he tried a duck-dive in a 12 feet wave. If you want to try the heaviest wave in the world, this is where you find it.

Waimea – Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu has numerous incredible surfing locations but as you can see, many are dangerous. Waimea is usually overlooked since tow-surfers are favoring the outer reefs. You may want to try surfing here because of the big waves and the huge punch that they have. This is a place that did set a standard for surfing big waves in the past 40 years, leading to the reputable Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational being organized there every year.

Mavericks – California

Mavericks became known around the world as it caused the death of Mark Foo, a legendary surfer from Hawaii. Now thousands visit to feel adrenaline taken at a brand new level. The boils are incredibly brutal and can easily take you to some large boulders in the water. Great white sharks are also often seen.

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Dungeons – Cape Town

Dungeons is a dangerous surfing spot with harrowing rights and it is really close to waters that are considered to be the most shark-infested in the entire world. This is due to Seal Island, a really small island that is home for thousands of seals. Sharks are attracted by this and Seal Island is close to Dungeons. To make matters even more dangerous, we have huge underwater boulders, frigid water and long hold-downs.

On the whole, these are definitely among the deadliest surfing spots in the world. There are others that can be mentioned though so if you have another one that is preferred, let us know below.

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