Extreme Camping Spots You Want To Experience

Those that want to plan perfect camping vacations will eventually want to try more extreme destinations. If this is you, here are some of the most extreme camping spots that you are simply going to adore. Plan your vacation for next summer and get ready for a completely memorable trip that you will never forget.

Yosemite National Park

How do you feel about waking up right next to a drop of one thousand feet? This is exactly what you can expect in Yosemite National park, as you would use bivouac tents to camp right close to cliffs side. Tents will be clipped to dangling rope right above forests. The experience you are going to have is pure adventure.


Polar tents will be simply incredible in Antarctica. They are similar in appearance to igloos. If you are interested in long-term camping, you want to join one of the research teams so that you can set up your home in Antarctica’s freezing temperatures. Some of the cruise ship passengers will be given the possibility to camp out if they so desire. This is perfect in the event you are interested in just an overnight camping experience in Antarctica, which is more than enough for most of the travellers.

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International High Line Meeting – Italian Alps

In the Italian Alps there is an annual special meeting that brings together numerous extreme campers as they are hooking hammocks to tightropes, only to sleep there, at high altitude, all above yawning canyons. Those that do not love drops or heights will surely not want to consider this extreme camping activity. The truth is that most people will not actually join. However, if you are an extreme athlete or you simply want to experience extreme camping, this is a meeting you most likely do not want to miss.

Death Valley

Just as the name implies, Death Valley is a highly remote and extreme destination for camping, one of the most extreme of all that you will find. There are different benefits for those that want to try the experience, besides staying in the world’s hottest place. Death Valley stands out as famous for the dark sky that offers a unique stargazing experience and a wildlife scene that is simply rich. When you are not bothered by the heat and can use a GPS, Death Valley is a great extreme camping destination to try.

The Atlantic Ocean

Some may argue that you cannot say you are camping when you are on a paddle board sleeping right in the middle of Atlantic Ocean but the experience is outdoors and is incredible. There was one person, Chris Bertish, that managed the incredible feat of going across the ocean on a simple stand-up paddle board. He slept over 100 nights in the middle of the ocean, on the board, camping. Only few are going to be able to do that.

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Mount Everest Base Camp

This is an extreme camping destination that is most likely not a surprise for anyone. You are tempted to think that Mount Everest Base Camp is quite simple to get to but that is completely incorrect. The extreme camping location stands out at an altitude of 17,600 feet. Frigid wilderness surrounds it. For many tourists you will have this as the starting point of the camping experiences you could be faced with.

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