France Biking Spots That Are Gorgeous

France Biking Spots That Are GorgeousFrance is an amazing country for a wide range of activities that involve the beautiful outdoors of the country’s picturesque regions. If you dream of discovering France’s stunning landscapes, make sure that before you plan your trip to this wonderful European country, you add one or more of these picturesque destinations for cycling to your itinerary.

Cycling In Provence

Provence, the southeastern region of the country, is a spectacular cycling destination in France that will tickle all your sense. The sun will make you feel warm, the smell of the lavender fields will make you calm and relaxed, the coastline will provide the best soundtrack and the medieval villages will allow you to discover the region’s history. Your taste buds will also be impressed by the outstanding local cuisine and its incredible flavors. Cycling in Provence is an ultra-all inclusive experience that will surely make you want to comeback in this region for more amazing discoveries.

Cycling In Loire

From the countryside with medieval villages we are moving to a wonderful region with majestic castles, the famous Loire region, located in the center of the country. The lush valleys and abundant vineyards combined with the outstanding castles is a cycling experience only France can provide and you should definitely not miss it.

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Cycling In Burgundy

Since we mentioned vineyards earlier, we also have to talk about wine, don’t we? Burgundy is a paradise for wine lovers and the cycling tours available in the region will allow you to taste some of the most world-renowned wines, such as Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune paired, of course, with various types of French cheese and some other delicious food specialties. Besides wine tasting cycling tours, visitors will cycle around lush forests and Romanesque churches, reminiscence of old times.

Cycling In Champagne

The region of Champagne is a northeastern region of France that offers a diverse cuisine that can be explored by all of those who decided to embark in a cycling tour here. Also, Champagne is a great cycling destination for history enthusiasts who are able to discover historic sites from World War II, Gothic churches and regal vineyards. Of course, all visitors will experience the amazing taste of the famous sparkling white wine, after all we are taking about a region named Champagne.

Cycling In Bordeaux

Another region where the beautiful cycling views are paired with wine, but in France any experience makes a good pair with wine so you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Bordeaux is a southwest region of France where visitors can cycle through medieval towns and on the shore of Dordogne River.

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Cycling in Bordeaux is perfect for those who love charming small towns, good wine and a gourmet food experience.

Cycling In Brittany

The rocky coastline of Brittany offers a serene cycling experience that includes the cool ocean breeze and views that inspired some of the most famous French artists including Paul Gauguin. The Brittany cycling experience is not complete without the sweet and savory desserts and the fresh seafood dishes that are usually paired with local hard ciders.

Cycling In Normandy

Normandy is a place that has a huge significance in France’s history and the peaceful region is home to many historical museums and memorial sites. The coastline makes the perfect setting for a spectacular cycling experience in scenery that inspired the artwork of many artists. When it comes to cuisine, Normandy is renowned for the seafood but it is also the perfect region to discover some delicious French cheeses and to satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious tarts and crepes.

Cycling In Corsica

The mountainous Mediterranean island is a great cycling destination with wonderful mountain trails from where the rocky coastline and the distinctive granite formations of the island can be admired. The cuisine is a mix of sea and mountain food that is even more delicious when savored on the beautiful beaches of Corsica.

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