6 Favorite Activities To Enjoy At Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge, or Les Gorges du Verdon as French speakers call it, is one of the most beautiful river canyons in Europe. Located in the south-eastern France, the canyon is 5 kilometers long and 700 meters deep. The turquoise-green color is a very distinguish characteristic of the canyon formed by the Verdon River.

The fact that this canyon is close to French Riviera makes it adored by tourists who visit it for water sports or hiking adventures. Climbers can enjoy around 1500 routes that test various climbing skills. When it comes to water sports, visitors can choose from rafting, air-boat, cano-raft, canyoning, white water swimming and water rambling.

Whether you want to discover Verdon Gorge through its trekking trails and rock climbing or through water activities, the canyon won’t disappoint you. Here our favorite activities to enjoy if you plan a trip to this beautiful France region:

Rafting On The Middle Verdon, Verdon Gorge

Rafting On The Middle Verdon, Verdon Gorge

The Middle Verdon adventure starts with a relatively easy first section that will allow you and your teammates to become acquainted with the navigation techniques. The descent then continues with a medium rapid that requires more navigation techniques than the previous easy rapids. The adventure is ended in calm waters and close to Plage de la Pinede, a beautiful beach where you can enjoy a well-deserved sunbathing break.

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Canyoning At Verdon Gorge

Canyoning At Verdon Gorge

If you are an abseiler, you have to embark on a canyoning adventure at Verdon Gorge! You cannot refuse a fun exploration of the most beautiful canyon in Europe, right?

Swimming, sliding, abseiling down waterfalls, swinging and walking, you’ll do all of these to discover the hidden corners of Verdon Gorge. The water slides in this magnificent environment will make you very excited, while discovering the beautiful grooves and swimming in the turquoise-green water will let you in awe of how incredible nature can really be.

Water Rambling At Verdon Gorge

Water Rambling At Verdon Gorge

Water rambling makes it possible for water lovers to explore some of the hidden treasure of the Verdon Gorge. Some rocks obstruct the access for rafters and hikers, but won’t obstruct the access of those who choose to go on a water rambling adventure. Being carried along the river by the current is a fun way of admiring the gorgeous views and the surrounding cliffs.

White Water Swimming Or Hydrospeed in Verdon Gorge

Hydrospeed in Verdon Gorge

White water swimming is great for those who want to get personal with the river. A padded wet-suit, a floating board and some flippers are all you need for playing with the current and the river. Those who are not familiar with the sport but would like to give it a try should know that guided tours for beginners are available in the region.

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Hiking In Verdon Gorge

Rock Climbing In Verdon Gorge

We couldn’t exclude hiking from our list since Verdon Gorge has many trails with amazing views of the calcareous cliffs, startling turquoise waters, ancient towns, aromatic fields and Mediterranean coastline. There are a lot of hiking trails and circuits tourists can choose from based on their experience and desires.

Rock Climbing In Verdon Gorge

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, rock climbers can choose between 1500 routes in this heaven of multi-pitch climbing. The impressive landscapes and the panoramic views of the river are definitely some of the things that attract rock climbers from all over the world in this majestic place.

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