Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In And Around Lyon, France

Outdoor enthusiasts visiting Lyon can easily enjoy many interesting activities like hiking, cycling, caving or mountaineering right in the city or in the surrounding areas. Most tourists come because of the great wine in Lyon but if you want some adventure, it is something that you can enjoy in the area. It is recommended to arrange at least a weekend getaway but it is up to you what duration the trip will be.

Hiking – Lyon And Rhone Valley

In France the institution that is responsible for the maintained and marked walking routes is French Hiking And Walking Federation. Contact it when you need data and guide books. What you should know is how trails will be categorized since the area has options for everyone. With this in mind, be careful about the following markings:

  • GR – These hiking trails generally go through large parts of the country.
  • GRP – Regional trails that are good for several days of hiking.
  • PR – Such trails just last a few hours and are mainly shorter circuits.

If you are interested in a weekend hiking tour or a monthly experience organized by professionals, consider Rando Decouvertes. It also organizes Lyon walking areas and trips to some close mountains. When interested in cross-country skiing or snowshoeing (when the weather is appropriate), the best option is Touring Club Rhodanien.

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Cycling And Mountain Biking

Various routes are available for those interested in mountain biking. They are well-maintained in the area and it is not at all difficult to find guides as you reach the area. At the same time, the French Cycling Federation is quite often organizing cycling events and does control a really strong clubs network that offers many disciplines like BMX, velodrome racing, bike polo, road riding and VTT.

Caving And Mountaineering

In Ardeche you gain access to around 2,500 caverns that are officially recognized for exploration. At the same time, mountaineering is constantly gaining popularity in Rhone-Alpes areas. The very best facilities for mountaineering can be found in Chamonix. You will be able to easily find professional guides but be sure you only hire those that present diplomas offered by Ministry Of Youth And Sports. Also, qualification should be presented from the official rock climbing and mountaineering federation of France.


Two very popular watersports you can enjoy in Gorges de l’Ardeche, in around 200 km of Lyon’s south. As you would descent on the river you would start close to Vallon-Pont d’Arc. Various turns and rapids are available towards St-Martin d’Ardeche. There are many great rivers in L’Ardeche where you can enjoy water sports. Even some that are small are popular because of canoeing or kayaking like La Besorgues and La Bourges.

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