6 Unusual Things You Can See And Do In Rome, Italy

Everyone knows the big landmarks of Rome, Italy, like Fontana di Trevi or the Colosseum.but there are so many other attractions that people do not know much or activities that might surprise you. If you want to go off the beaten track as a tourist, here are some wonderful suggestions that will make a longer stay in Rome totally worth it.

Crypt Of The Capuchin Monks

This is found under the Santa Maria Della Concezione church, located close to Piazza barberini. This crypt features remains of close to 4,000 Capuchin order monks. They arrived here in 1631 with deceased friars arranged in crypts. As time passes, when a friar died another one was exhumed and added to a display, together with various decorations like chandeliers, made out of bones. Obviously, this is a macabre chapel so it is not for the weak of heart.

Ostiense Street Art

Ostiense’s industrial history is connected with the working-class. At the moment it has a changing reputation since there are different trendy restaurants that were open. Also, the street art scene is thriving. You can see various colorful works that cover the buildings as a big project that was started with the purpose of rejuvenating and relaunching the district. Many artists already signed works and more are to come before you visit, for sure.

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Largo Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Largo Argentina’s historical ruins were discovered a while back, in 1927. These are basically 4 Republican temples that were built around 350 BC. The entire area is now opened as archaeological site. Theatre of Pompey’s entrance is also present here. This is where Julius Caesar was killed. Since the year 1993 the area is also a cat sanctuary, hosting around 150 cats. If you love animals, especially cats, this is one hidden gem in Rome that you want to get a chance to see. Make sure that you consider a donation too since the entire operation is based on volunteers.


Coppede is a charming neighborhood to the north of Rome that features some unique architecture. Gino Coppede is the name of the architect that started work on the project in the year 1915. It was not finished when he died but his work was slowly continued. This neighborhood features a great combination of detailed decorations and architectural styles. Do consider Palazzi degly Abasciatori and Palazzina del Ragno.

MAXXI Modern Art

This is a modern art museum opened in the year 2010, featuring incredible design by renowned deceased architect Zaha Hadid. The museum completed northern Flaminio area’s modernization, together with the Auditorium of Renzo Piano. MAXXI’s contemporary art works offer a contrast to most of the city’s ancient, baroque and renaissance landmarks. Besides the temporary collections, there are also permanent ones by Anish Kapoor and William Kentridge.

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Centrale Montemartini Sculptures

Centrale Montemartini is a museum that is fascinating, found in Ostiense. Here you can see so many beautiful ancient sculptures located in a building that is the very first electric public power plant in the city. Marble statues featuring Roman and Greek heritage are placed in contrast with modern machinery, building a space that is truly unique.

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