Guided Kayak Tours In Amalfi

Located on the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi is a beautiful Italian town that offers a picturesque setting for a relaxing vacation. This amazing resort in Italy is a popular destination for kayaking and it provides tourists with different kayaking tours that allow them to explore the Amalfi Coast. The hidden treasures of the amazing coast can be discovered while kayaking on crystalline water.


Tourists can choose from half-day or full-day kayaking tours and they can rent all the required equipment from the tour operators in the region. Usually, the kayaking equipment provided by kayaking tour operators in Amalfi include a single or twin-seat kayak, paddles, a lifejacket, waterproof jackets, a map of the Amalfi Coast and waterproof bags. Kayaking in Amalfi can be a family adventure however children under 14 need to travel with an adult in a twin-seat kayak. Children over 14 can paddle in a single kayak but they have to be accompanied by an adult during the kayaking tour.


Kayaking tours offer an adventure that can be enjoyed by people who have no prior kayaking experience but also by expert kayakers who do not need assistance.

If you start your kayaking adventure from the town of Amalfi, you can select from different itineraries that cover various regions of the Amalfi Coast including Amalfi-Cetara, Amalfi-Positano, Amalfi-Capri Island and Amalfi-Sorrento Peninsula.

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The guided tours are available for anyone who is in good health and can swim. Before departing, all tourists will have to go through an introductory lesson about sea safety and basic information about kayaking and how to kayak. Besides the kayaking instructions, the tours are led by certified guides who will provide valuable information about the Amalfi Coast’s cultural background in both English and Italian.

During a guided kayaking tour on the Amalfi Coast there will be breaks and kayakers will be able to engage in various activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling or even eating and exploring the villages where they stop for a break.

Those who want to be sure they will be able to remember the Amalfi kayaking adventure should know that most tour operators offer free photos from the tour via email to all tour participants.


Half Day Kayaking Tours Amalfi

If you choose a half day kayaking tour with departure from Amalfi, you will be able to discover the amazing Amalfi Coast and its wonderful views of the scenic towns and villages and the majestic coastline. The half day tours are perfect for those with no kayaking experience who want an introduction to this wonderful sport. As we mentioned before, people are required to be able to swim and have an overall good health.

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Full Day Kayaking Tours Amalfi

Full day tours are recommended to people who have prior kayaking experience and are in a very good physical condition since these tours are more demanding than the half day tours. Advanced kayakers will be able to discover all the hidden treasures of the beautiful Amalfi Coast while paddling their way in the warm water.

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