6 Wonderful Underrated Norway Travel Destinations

6 Wonderful Underrated Norway Travel DestinationsNo matter where you go in Norway it seems that you find something that is beautiful. Many tourists will tell you that they never saw anything that was ugly in the country. While this is definitely the case, it definitely does not mean that there are no hidden treasures you could find. We selected some underrated travel destinations you do want to seriously consider for a different Norway trip, one that does not bring in many tourists surrounding you for every single attraction. If you want to go on the roads that are less travelled, here is where you want to start. However, keep in mind that numerous others are great potential destinations that you can take into account.


Ostfold is basically Oslo’s South East area. It is coastal and covers the east side of the beautiful Oslo fjord. Landscape is softer and greener than most of what surrounds the region, which is something you do not really expect in Norway. You can explore both the inner and coastal parts of Ostfold, with Fredrikstad being a city that is the main urban highlight. Most people discover the beauty of Ostfold as they travel from Oslo towards Sweden.

Norway’s South

Obviously, this is a pretty large area to think about. However, it is one that is overlooked by most international tourists. As opposed to Ostfold, you find nature that is not that dramatic or green. This does not mean that it is going to be boring. You want to visit the southern coast of Norway, an area referred to as Norwegian Riviera, because of some of the very best beaches that the country offers. There are even some unique attractions that will make you laugh, like a huge rock shaped as a penis.

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People rarely visit Stavanger because of the proximity to the much more popular Bergen. However, Stavanger stands out as Norway city number four in terms of size, a huge headquarters for the oil industry. You can learn more about this at the local Norwegian Petroleum Museum. This city combines modern Norwegian style with old traditions like wooden colorful houses. You can easily get to Stavanger at the local airport and start an exploration of many natural sites, including the renowned Trolltunga cliff.

Oppland County


This is not a coastal destination, as most of the really popular Norway travel destinations. Even so, it is not too far away from different coastal towns like Molde or Alesund. Oppland is only one of Norway’s 2 counties that are landlocked. Locals will tell you that here you can find incredibly dramatic but pretty nature. A big part of the experience is offered by Rondane National Park and Jotunheimen National Park. If you are interested in great skiing, Oppland County is one destination in Norway you do want to consider.


Alesund is found in Romsdal og More, which is one of the most beautiful destinations in Norway’s west coast. It is practically surrounded by nature, being spectacular even by the standards of the locals. Alesund will be beautiful every single day of the year. If you are interested in history, you should know that most buildings here were built when the twentieth century started. Architecture is mainly Art Nouveau.

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You find Harstad in Northern Norway. It is not as popular or as known as Tromso but you do want to consider this destination in the event you want to see the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Harstad municipality includes various interesting options for travelers, including Nupen Mountain, which is labeled as being Norway’s most romantic location from which you can look at the midnight sun.

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