Pub Crawl Tours In Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a really lively nightlife, one that is dominated by pubs. Why not get to see the city as the locals? You can easily experience exactly what locals experience every single weekend on a pub crawl tour. There are many that are available. Most of them last around 4 hours. Starting points are in the middle of the city and you are normally guided by a local expert guide.

Pub Crawl Tours Highlights:

  • professional party guides
  • get to experience the renowned Copenhagen nightlife with party lovers or just your friends
  • in most pub crawl tours you visit 4 pubs and bars
  • complimentary drinks in all locations
  • free entries to nightclubs
  • after the guide leaves, you can party as much as you want

pub crawl tours

What Should You Expect From Copenhagen Pub Crawl Tours?

For starters, you gain access to the local bar culture. The guide is met at a really well-known location and all the people get to travel to various pubs and bars. A wristband usually highlights you as a part of the group and gives you access to all the benefits associated with being a part of the pub crawl.

Copenhagen is popular because of the nightlife scene. This reputation is hyped by young crowds, wild nightclubs, cool cocktail bars and hip surroundings. All tours start at a really popular bar and a complimentary beer or drink is offered.

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One of the best parts of the tours is the fact that you get to talk with a local as he guides you from one location to the next. This means that you can easily ask questions and get a really personal experience. If you want something more special, choose one of the pub crawl tours that have limited exposure.

As a simple tip, make sure that you consider those pub crawl tours that finish with a free club entry. This is great since you can easily have a lot of fun and you get the opportunity of also enjoying the city’s club life, not just the pubs. Some of the clubs that can be included in such a pub tour will include unlimited beer for around half an hour.

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