7 great reasons for buying a cancellation trip

Reason one for purchasing a cancelation holiday, is that they can be great value. If a travel agent is given even a couple of days’ notice that a client will cancel a holiday, the travel agent only has a short period of time to resell the plane seats and holiday. The cheaper it is the more chance they have of selling the seats.


Reason two for purchasing a cancelation holiday is, that they can be very exciting destinations and some of the best holidays you can have are impulse purchases, where you have no time at all to think about where in the world you may end up.


Reason three for purchasing a cancelation holiday is, the very fact it is only a short time away before you embark on an exciting holiday. Normally we book holidays well in advance and we save and look forward to the day we are due in the airport. This can be a long time away where as a cancelation trip can be a short a time as twenty four hours away.

Reason four for purchasing a cancelation holiday is that you may be visiting a place you have never been before. It is exciting to go to a place at such short notice, before you have had time to research it and see what to expect, when it comes to entertainment and places to visit.

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Reason five for purchasing a cancelation holiday is the fact that you may have no idea what accommodation you will get with the reservation. It is normally booked well in advance from a brochure and we know what to expect.


Reason six for purchasing a cancelation holiday is that it can be totally unexpected, one minute you are walking down the high street looking in the travel agents’ window as you do. The next thing is you are going on holiday for two weeks in the sun. It is a spontaneous purchase, and this can make it a lot more exciting.


Reason seven for purchasing a cancelation holiday is that we all look for a bargain, but when it comes to the actual booking it always costs us more for an upgraded room or seats with some legroom. It may be we opt for the all-inclusive option, but we will end up paying a lot more than what it says in the brochure. With the short time we have available whilst snapping up a bargain we have no time to look which hotel and sometimes we have just enough time to get to the airport.


Even snapping up a bargain means we have less time in our preparation, for such things like travel insurance and any jabs we may need for that particular country or area. Make sure you do not have to get a visa as you may not have time before you depart. Think before you book, as it may be a costly mistake.

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