Hidden Surfing Paradises Around The World

By Vesi

Every surfer is looking for that secluded beach that has the perfect breaks, the awesome views and the superb run coming back to the beach. The problem with a secret, though, is that once you know it, you want to share it. Then it’s no longer a secret. An invasion of surfers always flocks to the new hangout, making the lineup deep and the runs fewer. This will spur the true seeker onward, looking for the next hidden paradise.


Mum’s The Word

It’s important to keep the location of any unknown place hidden as long as possible. Social media can mean the death of any secret spot. A 60-second online video of an epic ride is great for bragging rights, until humanity descends upon it. Many of the best surfing spots in the world are well known. However, surf behavior isn’t limited to a certain beach. The remote and less-explored places near some of the best-known breaks can be great places to start the search.


Black Rock, Australia

Black Rock is a known epic ride and its exposure has caused some heartache to the locals that lost their secret. This is a classic big beach with barrels running either right hand or left hand across the reef. Black Rock’s secret is already out, but is another secret hiding nearby? A huge number of trails crisscross the Banana Coast of New South Wales along the shore. It could be worth exploring these trails up the coast from Black Rock.

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

The surf capital of the Caribbean sports a world-class array of complex breaks. There is surf of every type and complex seas around the entire island. Rincon is already a classic destination, but what’s hiding back in those old pirate haunts? Boat tours are readily available to explore up the coast, and the road system is great in Puerto Rico.


By Shalom Jacobovitz (SJ1_8558) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Shalom Jacobovitz (SJ1_8558) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a hidden gem in the world of surfing. More and more people are starting to inhabit the waves off the ex-patriot colonies there. However, up and down the Caribbean coast, there are miles of beaches waiting to be explored. No civilization means no surf shops and no resorts. A hardy explorer can surf a different secret spot every day of the week in Costa Rica.


Bukit Peninsula, Bali

Bali is a sort of Shangri-La for surfers. The surf here is legendary, with huge right hand curls and soft landers coming in to the beach. The entire Bukit Peninsula is up for grabs for anyone who takes the time and expense to charter a boat up and down these shores. There’s secret treasure hidden somewhere in these coves. The same could be said of every island in Indonesia.

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A true list of the best secret spots can never be compiled, because as soon as it’s done, those secrets are out for good. Once they are, though, the real fun can be in locating the secrets that are still hiding near these discoveries.

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