Birdwatching In Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, India

The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in India is also referred to as Keoladeo Ghana National Park. It is among the best known grounds for bird breeding and feeding in the country. We are talking about a park that covers over twenty nine square kilometers. There are over 360 bird species, including some migratory ones that are threatened and that come from Central Asia. As you can easily imagine, this is a huge tourist attraction. There are so many ornithologists that visit during the winter season. In the year 1971 the sanctuary was included in the World Heritage List and when you visit, you can easily notice why.

Bird Sanctuary History Facts Of Interest

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary that first appeared 250 years ago. It was named after the Shiva (Keoladeo) temple that is located within the park’s boundaries. At first, it was just a natural depression. The area was eventually flooded after the Maharaja Suraj Mal constructed Ajan Bund. This bund appeared at the confluence of Banganga and Gambhir.

Initially, the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary was a hunting ground that was used by Bharatpur maharajas. There were so many birds in the area that in the year 1938, during just one hunting trip, over 4,200 birds were shot. After India gained its independence, shooting rights were allowed until 1972 and in 1982, the park saw grazing being banned.

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Fauna And Flora

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary 2

The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in India offers a small wintering population, mainly renowned because of the Siberian Cranes, which are quite rare. The other species that birdwatchers want to view include: gulls, Snowy Egret, Great Blue Heron, ruddy shelducks, Painted Cranes, northern shovelers, coots, northern pintails, kingfishers, tufted ducks, garganey and common pochard.


Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary 3

You will definitely want to visit the park in the months from October to February. This is where there are various migratory birds that can be viewed. During the other seasons, there are not many birds that can be seen. Speaking about day time, the best bird spotting times are early morning sand evenings.

Facts Of Interest About The Bird Sanctuary

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary 4

Students will have discounts. The payment is just 10 inr with ID. The Indians will pay 50 inr per person as adults. If you want to get an optional driver, you will be able to get one for a payment of Rs 100 per hour. The guide will cost Rs 150 per hour. It is also possible to hire a bike at the entrance to the sanctuary or at your hotel for around Rs 40 per day.

Most people do want to travel by bicycle. However, in most cases bicycles will not be in a proper condition. Most individuals will take tangaa rides or ricksaw rides. Roads are crowded and wildlife can be scared. You may want to travel roaming around via foot. It is quite a small park. The boat ride is a good idea to offer a different experience. You can rent a pair of binoculars if you want to.

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On the whole, the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in India is a tremendous option. If you love birdwatching, you want to visit it.

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