Argentina’s Fly Fishing Is Amazing – Here’s Why

Argentina is definitely one of the world’s very best fly fishing destinations. There are many rivers and lakes that offer the stunning experience you are after and the entire travel industry is well-developed in the country. Accommodations are superb, cuisine is simply excellent and guides are so much warmer than in other places. Even if you do not really care about fishing or this is a secondary attraction for you, Argentina is a country you will consider, with great activities like walking and riding almost always being available.

Fly fishing is much more popular as a sport in Argentina’s rivers and valleys than what many believe. Idyllic wildlife and rivers wait for you and the very best fly fishing destinations are going to be those that are in areas that are remote. We can say that this activity is now actually really big business in the country. There are some wonderful lodges that you are going to be able to stay at and many are combined with hunting lodges to help you not be bored at any point of the day. Even the locals are often found fishing in the spots we will mention below.

In Argentina there may be numerous fly fishing options that can be considered but only 2 areas are considered to be major destinations for tourists. They are renowned and known around the world. If you want to find some alternative spots, the best option is normally to talk with local guides. They are going to highlight options you do not find online.

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Keep in mind that fly-fishing season ranges from November To April. The two main fly fishing regions to consider are the following.

Bariloche – Lake District Fly Fishing

Various mountains and lakes surround Bariloche, a picturesque Alpine town. This pretty part of the country is not starved of moisture and rain since it is not associated with the Andes. Lake District is quite verdant. The views here are wonderful and the fly fishing is among the best that Argentina has. To make matters even more interesting, local popularity is not that high. This is important since it practically means that you can enjoy fly fishing in a setting that is much quieter.

Tierra Del Fuego Fly Fishing

Often said to be the end of the earth, Tierra Del Fuego is located in Ushuaia, on Beagle Channel. So much history surrounds this place, filled with pirates and adventurers. Nowadays, Ushuaia is a popular starting point for Antarctic expeditions and a great place for a highly active holiday.

If you are interested in fly fishing, Rio Grande is the destination you want to visit but Ushuaia should as well be on the list. Between the months of October and April we see many visitors that want to enjoy various activities like hiking and kayaking. Accessibility is great and the weather is almost always good. Even skiing is really great when you visit this part of Argentina.

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