Best Fishing in Colorado

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Colorado offers anglers an abundance of rivers and lakes for fishing. However, it takes more than just an empty rod and reel to become an expert fly-fisherman in this state.

Discover some of Oregon’s premier fishing spots – from tranquil alpine lakes to bass-rich reservoirs teeming with bass. These 10 spots will delight even novice anglers!

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Colorado’s breathtaking waters will astonish any angler. Home to over 2,000 lakes and reservoirs spread out across its magnificent landscapes, you are sure to find an ideal fishing spot in no time at all!

Blue Mesa Reservoir, Arizona’s largest lake, boasts miles of rugged shoreline and spectacular views, making it a world-class destination. Boating and camping are both highly enjoyable activities here; in fact, Kokanee Salmon are found here at their highest density ever! Whether you prefer an RV or tenting experience, Blue Mesa provides multiple dispersed campgrounds as well as boat-in campsites to meet any camping need you might have.

Blue Mesa Reservoir offers fishing enthusiasts an ideal setting for trout-fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Stocked with trophy-sized rainbow and brown trout as well as kokanee salmon, its waters also serve as an excellent location for fly-fishing enthusiasts who can use various techniques ranging from dries, streamers, and nymphs for fly-angling enthusiasts.

Lake Aspinall lies at the crossroads of Black Canyon National Park, Curecanti National Recreation Area and West Elk Wilderness. Part of Aspinall Unit – including three other reservoirs: Marrow Point, Crystal and Gunnison – it forms one of the country’s largest kokanee salmon fisheries.


Basalt is a black-colored volcanic rock formed when magma cools and solidifies, and can be found throughout Earth’s crust and Mars and Venus, where it may even form volcanoes. Basalt also helps make up dark plains on the Moon as well as some volcanoes on Mars and Venus.

Chemical analysis of inclusions within basalts can provide scientists with valuable insight into the inaccessible mantle, providing clues as to its contents, such as magma sources, melting conditions, past tectonic environments and magma evolution.

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Basalt, located near Aspen, is an increasingly popular tourist town offering world-class fly fishing and rafting experiences in the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, its proximity allows visitors to visit other popular tourist spots; visitors may visit boutique stores in Aspen before returning back home to more affordable accommodations in Basalt.

The Colorado River in Basalt offers excellent trout fishing. Guided float fishing trips usually leave from The Pumphouse boat ramp, while DIY wade fishing can also be performed early in the season when less people are around. Shadow Mountain reservoir is another place with abundant trout but later in summer its water tends to become polluted with weed growth, leaving less room for fishing fun.


Durango has a rich history that spans the Western railroad and beyond, from ranching and mining to being home to an active community of ranchers and miners. Wander through its streets to view remnants from its past while its residents embrace its Wild West roots with events like kayak slalom races down its very own Animas River in June.

The river runs through town, providing easy access to serious trout fishing. Guided float trips and DIY wade fishing are both possible here, while Colorado’s largest trout, earning it the Gold Medal Water designation, can often be found along its waters. Upper sections offer great dry fly fishing in summer.

Vallecito Lake in Bayfield is another excellent local fishing spot, located a short drive from Durango with over 80 campsites available, in addition to dispersed camping on surrounding forest roads.

Durango boasts over 2 million acres of national forests at its doorstep, making it an ideal setting for over 30 movies and television shows. Visit Durango’s historic downtown area and sleep where Louis L’Amour wrote his Sackett series; stroll over Baker’s Bridge where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid plunged into the Animas River during their “National Lampoon’s Vacation” dive; explore Mesa Verde National Park ruins of an ancient Pueblo “Great House”, complete with rooms and kivas where religious ceremonies were once conducted; before discovering Mesa Verde National Park’s self-guided tour which winds its way between rooms and kivas where religious ceremonies once took place – you won’t believe what awaits you here!

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Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is an idyllic mountain town that provides something for everyone. A trip here is like taking an extended holiday; explore its natural mineral springs, hike along world-famous hiking trails, witness geological marvels and indulge in world-class fishing – not forgetting over 30 locally owned restaurants within 3 miles that will surely satisfy your hunger pangs.

The Eagle River is an amazing free-flowing river located near Colorado/Wyoming border that provides some world-class trout fishing opportunities. Fishermen visiting this region should definitely pay a visit, either using fly or drifting techniques to capture trout in its lower sections – however you must have heavier rods, heavier lines and multiple patterns for optimal success here.

Shadow Mountain reservoir is another wonderful lake to visit, home to an abundance of trout and mountain whitefish species – making it an excellent fishing spot. Additionally, the Colorado River below this dam can also offer great opportunities for fishing early in the season when there’s less weed growth.

Colorado is home to over 4,000 lakes and reservoirs, making it an angler’s dream destination. Cast your line into a tranquil alpine lake or explore one of the world’s largest man-made lakes; Colorado has it all – breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences that you won’t soon forget. Pack up and head out on one of Colorado’ best fishing towns for an experience you will never forget!


Colorado lakes and rivers boast a bounty of fish species, from native cutthroat trout to rainbow and brown trout species that thrive here. Many waters are open for fishing but may require an entrance fee or permit in order to access. Fees collected help maintain clean, accessible waters for both fishermen and naturalists alike. To maximize your fishing experience, opt for all-purpose rods and reels with multiple rods/reels/bait options, invest in quality tackle boxes (affiliate link), then stock your bait/lures specifically tailored for whatever species(s) you’re targeting.

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Walden in the northwest part of Washington state provides an ideal fishing location. This small community of less than 1,000 residents is surrounded by mountains and most tourism focuses on nature and rural living – perfect for getting away from urban hustle. And where better can you fish than at one of Walden’s idyllic lakes?

North Delaney Lake, which lies high up in the mountains, offers excellent fishing. Home to healthy trout populations as well as kokanee salmon (a river fish capable of reaching 40 pounds in weight), this lake also supports self-sufficient populations of largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill fish species.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains serve as an idyllic setting for breathtaking scenery and world-class fishing, featuring expansive rivers, narrow mountain streams and natural and manmade lakes to fish from. Each offers different species that you can target!

No matter your fishing level, Colorado offers something for you! Some of the finest fishing in Colorado is hidden among small lakes and reservoirs that boast excellent angling opportunities – Fountain Creek in Colorado Springs for instance provides access to well-stocked lakes such as Manitou Lakes – ideal spots for novice anglers hoping to fill their trout limit while advanced fisherman can test themselves against its pure waters of the mountains.

Walden offers more fishing opportunities at two mountain reservoirs boasting healthy trout populations. Furthermore, Keystone features glacial lakes and rivers filled with Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch and Kokanee Salmon that thrive here.

Rocky Mountain National Park draws many visitors every summer with its 147 lakes, diverse mammal population (bears and moose are just two examples) and 355 miles of hiking trails. However, for an intimate encounter with its wildlife without crowds descending upon you if November through May is when you should visit. Although temperatures will likely be cooler at this time, you’ll still be able to hike along Trail Ridge Road and spot mating elk!

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