Asia’s Top Wildlife Watching Destinations

Asia is home to incredible wildlife and a really lush terrain. Unfortunately, globalization, poachers and logging did affect the entire continent but the good news is there are various stunning national parks and sanctuaries that try to make things right. You can visit so many wonderful wildlife watching spots in Asia. If you do not know what to first consider, here are some suggestions. All of these are simply beautiful.

Woraksan National Park – South Korea

Every single year there are numerous tourists that visit the park. Even so, the Woraksan National Park will never be too crowded. There are many steep hikes here but the result is being able to see various spectacular views over clouds. You can also visit the ruins of an impressive thirteenth century fortress. There are numerous plants, mammals, amphibians, insects and reptiles that can be seen. 16 species housed here are endangered. A highlight is spotting antelopes.

Yala National Park – Sri Lanka

This is one of the most popular, oldest and well-known of the country’s national parks. It is particularly popular because of the numerous leopards and elephants tourists can see during safaris. Different ecosystems are covered by the park, including dry and moist wetlands and forests. Religious sites, ruins and historical structures will be seen. Planning a trip to the Yala National Park is easy as it is made out of 5 blocks, all divided. You visit what you want.

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Similan Islands – Thailand

Similan Islands is an archipelago made out of 9 islands. You can visit if you are interested in snorkeling or diving but much more is available. Most of the people that visit will be interested in sea turtles, manta rays and tropical fish. Besides that, numerous bats, 16 bats species, lizards, pythons and bottlenose dolphins have a home in Similan Islands.

Calaluit Wildlife Sanctuary – The Philippines

While most people praise the African safaris, the Philippines can easily compete. The Calaluit Wildlife Sanctuary is an island. It was established as sanctuary in the year 1976 and now is home to 104 animals. This includes impalas, giraffes, gazelles and zebras. You can also get to see Calamian deer, which were at one point in time in huge danger of extension.

Danum Valley Conservation Area – Malaysia

This region covers 440 square kilometers. It was fully free of men when it initially opened. After you get to Danum Valley Conservation Area you will be able to go on a guided drive or walk to enjoy quality wildlife watching. There are even some nighttime safari options that help you to see the Borneo pygmy elephant, the Malay sun bear and the Sumatran rhino, among others. Durian season offers a higher possibility of seeing the orangutan. Even if the wildlife is quite great, most people want to visit to enjoy quality bird watching. The spectacled flowerpecker was ONLY seen here.

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Gunung Leuser National Park – Indonesia

There are over 500 animal species here, with 200 mammal types having their home in the Gunung Leuser National Park. You can get a chance to see clouded leopards, sambar deer, flying frogs and Sumatran tigers, among many others.

Bonin Islands – Japan

In Japan the islands are known under the name Ogasawara. This is a really isolated destination. In order to get to it you will need to spend 25 hours on a ferry starting from Tokyo. Once you get there though it is almost sure you will see a humpback whale between February and April. During fall and summer, sperm whales have their home here. Dolphins will be visible every day of the year. Because of the fact the Bonin Islands were never linked to Japan in any way, the birds, insects and crabs seen here are unique in the world.

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