Top 2 Wildlife Watching Destinations In France

Top 2 Wildlife Watching Destinations In FranceFrance is a wonderful country to visit as a tourist. There is no way to deny this. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, it is not at all difficult to find great destinations that you can enjoy. Two stand out as being the best. That is what we will talk about, highlighting the options that are currently available if you go wildlife watching or bird watching in France.

Rhone Alps Wildlife Watching

Rhone Alps Wildlife Watching

The big wildlife in France is definitely great to view in the Rhone Alps. The tallest Alps peaks are present here so you can combine the experience with hiking if this is what you want to do. At the same time, you can see mountain goats, soaring eagles, mountain deer, aquatic plants, turtles and wild boar. Thousands of species of invertebrates can be seen and around 400 species of vertebrates.

Most species you will see here are protected by law at a local and national level. This includes 133 bird species, 14 reptiles, mammals and 16 amphibian species. One of the nice surprises is seeing beavers on the Rhone and the turtles in Isere.

Birds Of Prey

So many birds of prey can be seen in the area, like Crested falcons, Egyptian vultures, many falcons, owls, buzzards and the majestic Golden eagle. Ornithologists will love to see Royal kites, Ospreys fishing and Black kites. Owls that hunt rodents are common and you can easily see many raptors in the region because of the natural prey that is visible.

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Rhone Alps Reserves And Parks

Out of the total of 2 national parks, 6 regional parks and 39 nature reserves, you will surely want to visit the following 3

  • Sixt Natural Reserve – it was founded in the year 1977 and covers an impressive 9000 hectares. Here you can see many mountain goats, Ibex and raptors.
  • Vanoise Natural Park – this is the most popular of the French Alps reserve with around 200 Marmots, Chamois, Ibex, Lammergeirs, Wall Creepers and Golden eagles.
  • Parc Des Ecrins – in the region you can find high peaks of 4000 meters, glaciers and a huge wildlife variety. This does include wolves, red frogs, mountain goats and the European lynx, together with Alpine birdlife.

Loire Valley Wildlife Watching

Loire Valley Wildlife Watching

This region is locally known as The Garden Of France. Southern of plants and animal species are present with the wilder areas bringing in so many opportunities that you will love as a wildlife watcher.


Many forests and lakes give you access to great bird watching options. You will surely love the booted eagles, short toed eagles, honey buzzards and the goshawk. Sologne is a really well-known inland wetland in France.


The many lakes here cover an area that is small but you can explore over 2000 lakes, which is quite interesting given the small region. There are around 280 bird species present. Many of them are quite rare so bird watchers will love this opportunity.

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The Loire River

The Loire River is really well-known for the birds and wildlife present here. That is mainly because the region is an important migration route. You can find many contrasting habitats present, ranging from bare shingle banks to open water regions. Obviously, this allows you to see so many bird species that you will definitely love.

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