The Most Popular Scuba Diving Sites In Koh Samui, Thailand

The warm, clear waters and the mesmerizing marine life make Koh Samui a paradise for scuba divers. Another important aspect all divers need to know before visiting the island is that Koh Samui offers numerous scuba diving experiences that are perfect for both beginners and experienced divers. Beginners will find numerous operators that provide accredited scuba diving courses at affordable prices. Also, on the island, there are numerous dive shops that offer diving courses in the safe waters that surround Koh Samui.

The marine life is varied and tourists can discover a wide range of fish species, such as barracuda, mackerel, red snapper and tuna but also giant groupers and whale sharks. The diving sites are close to each other so divers can move from a diving site to another to explore different underwater landscapes.

Now let’s see which of the Koh Samui scuba diving sites are the most popular and why.

Southwest Pinnacles

The three rock formations that form Southwest Pinnacles shelter beautiful gorgonian sea fans and black coral whips between them. The top of the pinnacles are covered in colorful underwater plants and, while diving, tourists can spot leopard sharks, whale sharks and numerous giant groupers, scribbled filefish, yellowtail, snapper, masked porcupine fish and barracuda.

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Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is situated 30 kilometers northwest of Koh Samui and it comprises 80 islands and the surrounding waters that are home to hundreds of different coral varieties and countless fish species. The most popular diving sites in the national marine park are Koh Yippon and Koh Wao, two dive sites that offer more than great underwater visibility and the possibility to meet the marine life – they also feature numerous passageways, tunnels and caves that create an amazing swimming and exploring experience.

Green Rock

Green Rock is another diving site that appeal to people who love exploring caves, crevices, archways and caverns. While having fun exploring the caves and caverns we mentioned, divers will be able to spot reef sharks, groupers, schools of yellowtail, harlequin sweetlips, moray eels, blue-ringed angelfish and other fish species that live deep in the water.

White Rock

The two pinnacles that form White Rock extend between 18 to 22 meters underwater and shelter different types of underwater creatures. Common sightseeing may include turtles, sea snakes, morays, butterfly fish, angel fish, titan trigger fish and other fascinating and interesting encounters.

Sail Rock

Another diving site situated north to Koh Samui is the popular site named Sail Rock. The 15 meter high underwater chimney is the main attraction of this diving site that generates a unique diving experience. The visibility is excellent and divers get the chance to explore the chimney that is packed with varies underwater species hidden in its holes, such as moray eels, sea anemones. Underwater sightseeing at Sail Rock can also include schools of jacks, barracudas, tunas and trevally.

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Hin Wong

Hin Wong is closer to Koh Tao than to Koh Samui but the diving site is sure worth a visit. The depths rage from 10 to 30 meters and it’s abundant in wire corals, sea fans and, of course, numerous fish species, such as filefish, grouper, snapper and others. Some lucky divers can also spot sea turtles while diving. The only disadvantage of this diving site is that the visibility is not always as good as in the other places we mentioned in this article.

Samran Pinnacles

Last but not least, on our list is Samran Pinnacles, a diving site perfect for experienced divers who love to go diving in deep waters. As in most of the diving sites of Koh Samui, divers will be able to spot barracudas, trevally and schools of jackfish.

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