Beer Tasting Tours In Chicago

The best beer tasting tours in Chicago are offered by Chicago Beer Experience. The name is obviously a giveaway and will highlight what you can experience while on the tour but obviously, we cannot leave it just like that. We should talk more about this and not just consider the fact that we are thinking about the top rated tours that incorporate beer tasting in Chicago.

A maximum of 18 people can be a part of a beer tasting tour in Chicago. A trained guide will take you to the various neighborhoods that count with such an experience. Various establishments are to be visited, like a beer and bacon bar, arcade bars, historic pubs and more, all combined with tasting delicious beverages.

What is really attractive with these tours is the fact that Chicago Beer Experience actually combines historic tours with beer tasting tours. The beer tastings offered are numerous, many being Midwestern and Chicago beers. Food is sometimes included, like the Chicago hot dog or bacon.

There are 2 Chicago beer tours that you want to consider. We will talk about both of them so you can see what to consider.

Lakeview & Lincoln Park Beer Tasting And Bar Tour

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This is a classic beer tour that features an experienced guide and you will go on a half a mile walk through the above mentioned neighborhoods. The tour takes you to a beer and bacon bar, a specialty wine and beer store, an Irish pub, a punk rock bar and a microbrew pub. Basics of Chicago history are shared, from 1833 till now and you can explore various beer style basics, together with learning how beer is actually made. You can easily taste various beers, usually around 4 total normal sized ones. Spicy beer nuts and small bacon tastings are included.

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Bucktown & Wicker Park Beer Tasting And Bar Tour

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This is a recently offered beer tour in Chicago that takes tourists to Wicker Park and Bucktown. The tour is around 1 mile long and you will be able to visit one par with direct ties to the criminal past of Chicago, one neighborhood that offers a tremendous beer list and various other locations that are really attractive. Learn facts about Chicago, beer and immigration, from 1673 till now. Visitors can enjoy historical brewing experiences, taste many different beers and pair the drink with a tasty Chicago style hot dog.

Tour Basics To Remember

The tours will usually run during the weekends, starting in the afternoon to the early evening. There are sometimes multiple daily tours that are run. Some seasonal limitations can apply so it is a good idea to contact before making plans. The costs are of almost $60 for one person, including the beer tasting. If you do not want to taste the beer, the costs go down to $34 per person.

On the whole, the tour is quite a fun filled experience. You can choose out of various beer types and a tour can last around three hours. The Lakeview tour starts near Lincoln Park and the Bucktown tour starts right in the Bucktown neighborhood.

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