Fall Peaks Peak Bagging In Bend, Oregon

Bend stands out as a very interesting adventure town that few people know, although it is a delight. It is at around 2 hours from Portland and you will love this location since it is both remote and close to civilizations. During the weekends, there are many that try to climb the peaks. There are peak baggers, anglers, regular climbers, cyclists and hikers that visit. If you want to have an experience that is more social in nature and the atmosphere is great, you should visit during the weekends. If not, you will want to avoid weekends for a more secluded experience.

Consider Season And Activities You May Want To Experience

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Peak bagging is obviously a lot of fun for so many individuals out there. However, there are many other activities that you can enjoy when visiting. With this in mind, you may want to see a list of all that is available, so that you can choose something that is appropriate. It is really important that you consider when you visit since variations can appear.

As a simple example, during fall the rivers are low. Whitewater play will not be available. Bachelor will not run the lifts. However, some locations are a lot less trafficked than during summer and you can go peak bagging without being disturbed.

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Bend stands out as locals’ town during the fall. During the summer, there are many tourists that visit. You will want to enjoy the local spirit but it is also a good idea to experience this peak bagging experience alone, or with some of your close friends. The two experiences are quite different.

Once in Bend, seriously consider being a part of other activities besides peak bagging. For instance, you could always enjoy:

  • Mountain biking – some really interesting ride lines are available, attracting enthusiasts from all around the country.
  • Climbing – the weather is almost always perfect for rock climbing but be sure you only consider the designated areas.
  • Cyclocross – few people know this but the 2009 US National Cyclocross Championship was held in Bend.
  • Fly fishing – before Bend was a great destination for skiing or logging, it was visited by fishing enthusiasts.
  • Beer – there is 1 small brewery here for each 10 thousand people, a modern day Milwaukee.

The Peak Bagging And Trekking Experience

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The best trekking and peak bagging season is the fall. There are so many dormant volcanoes that are available here. You will want to consider Broken Top, Mt. Bachelor and The Three Sisters. If you are hardcore, you will want to visit some of the top peaks. There are peaks that are perfect for both beginners and professionals.

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If you just have time for a short peak bagging experience, you will want to consider the Broken Top. It is 9,175 feet high, a volcano that is extinct. You have a climb of over 3,600 feet to experience and you will love the Green Lakes trail. Before you reach the top, you will need to do some rock climbing but nothing serious.

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