Recommended Beer Tasting Tours In San Diego

Most people from around the world have no idea about the tremendous beer tasting tours that are offered in San Diego. The varieties offered are obviously huge and there is quite a strong competition between the tour operators. It is difficult to recommend just a few but we do have to stop and choose what we loved the most. If you believe that we should have included another beer tasting tour in San Diego or another company, make sure to let your opinions known in the comment section.

Brewery Tours San Diego

brewery tours san diego

The public tour runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays there is a reservation for groups of people that are over 8 so if you want to go with many friends, this is the day that you want to choose. There are various routes covered that will take you to unique San Diego breweries. You will be happy to hear that various pick-up locations are offered for the Public tours so you can choose something that is suitable. Out of the various opportunities available, we had to stick to:

The Saturday BBQ Beer Safari – $99 to $119

A maximum of 12 passengers can be accommodated and the tour takes you to Phils BBQ, 3 special Craft Breweries and the Scavaengers Logo Tasting Glass. You will spend 4 hours on the tour and the pick up times are 10:30 and 15:00 from Carlsbad.

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The Sunday BBQ Beer Safari – $109

Swiss Military Vehicle transportation is offered and the same breweries as above are accommodated. The difference is that the trip will take longer, 5 to 6 hours. The pickups start from Carlsbad at 12:15 and the tour will end at around 17:00.

Brew Hop

brew hop

What is interesting with the Brew Hop tours is that they are completely customized based on customer desires and tastes. The company is currently focused on making sure that the clients will feel great and that they will love every single route, together with visited breweries. There are two main tours that are offered by Brew Hop:

The Tasters Tour

The experience will last 2 hours and a half and will cover local craft beers. You will get to around 2 breweries and you will definitely have a great experience as there are various beer samples available. The price for the experience is $75 to $95 and includes various different features you will enjoy and the beer that will be sampled.

The Connoisseur Tour

This is definitely a unique San Diego party experience that will take you through over 60 local breweries. You are encouraged to experience different highlights and beer types, together with gourmet foods. Keep in mind that this tour includes luxury transportation and takes around 5 hours. The price is of around $169. Both the Connoisseur and the Tasters tour can have different prices based on time of year, route and tour size.

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We recommend that both tour providers will give you access to a really interesting experience and you will feel delighted by everything that is sampled. So many local beers are available in San Diego and you need to try them.

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