Best Agritourism Recommendations In France

France stands out as one of the most popular European countries for those that are looking for agritourism. There are so many interesting farms and ranches that can be visited and when referring strictly to farm stays, you will definitely love the accommodations offered. However, many bed and breakfast facilities are also to be considered. The final choice is all up to your preferences.

We will try to help you out a little by offering some recommendations. We filed them based on popularity and the overall experience offered, as presented by tourists. All the regions presented feature various accommodation options and it is practically impossible not to find something that suits your needs.

Arles – Camargue


When using population to compare, Arles stands out as the 3rd largest city in Bouches-du-Rhone. When referring surface, Arles is the largest of all communes in France. It covers over 77,000 hectares and is featured in 3 UNESCO World Heritage Lists.

Arles is considered as being one of the most beautiful natural sites on the continent. This is mainly because of the gateway to the Rhone River delta. The flora and fauna present here are quite reach. In the north we can see the Regional Park of the Alpilles, which is where you will want to go for agritourism.

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Aude – Cathar Country


Aude is located in Cathar Country and offers contrasting lands and landscapes for people that want to experience agritourism in France. It is made out of 5 lands (locally known as pays), each one being unique. The natural environment here is mostly preserved and this brings in diverse landscapes and natural sites. This includes marine lakes, white water, plateaus, mountains, forests, gorges and even sandy beaches. You will have access to many different tourism activities that you can enjoy and all the 5 areas are known locally for a specific landscape. Make sure that you consider visiting them all.

Vignobles & Decouvertes – Montagne de Reims

Montagne de Reims

Vignobles & Decouvertes is all about offering high quality visits and services to those that love wine. Wine tourism is really big in France and is included in agritourism. There are various destinations that are included in this label with all being perfect for wine visits and wine tours:

  • Vallee de L’Arde
  • Massive de Saint Thierry
  • Vallee de la Marne
  • Coteaux Sud d’Epernay et Cote des Blancs
  • Coteaux du Sezannais
  • Montagne de Reims



Grand-Bornard is located between Geneva, Chamonix and Lake Annecy. It is one of the really interesting regions that is highly underestimated in France. There are many tourist facilities that are available for winter and summer activities. The residents are highly attached to the land that they own and managed to raise the quality of local agritourism by offering highly dynamic agricultural activities. The architectural heritage and the local traditions present here are definitely wonderful and every single person that enjoys agritourism will want to visit this part of France.

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These are the 4 recommendations that we have for you when referring to agritourism in France. If you have an extra one, make sure to let us know in the comment section as we would love to hear about it.

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