Best Amusement Parks In Louisiana, USA

Ever since Six Flags New Orleans was closed, the amusement park scene in Louisiana took a really strong hit. While there are no plans for the closed park, there are still great options that are available and that you can consider if you want to have such an experience. We will talk about the two best amusement parks in Louisiana at the moment so that you can see where you have to go.

City Park

City Park

If you love nature and art, it is a certainty that you will appreciate City Park. Right in the middle of New Orleans you can take advantage of an impressive 1,300 acres park that offers various interesting attractions you will definitely love.

The antique carousel here is just one of the 100 wood carousels that are operational in the US, the last one in the state of Louisiana. Besides this, you can also experience other rides like Coney Tower, Musik Express, Monkey Jump, Tilt-A-Whirl, Ship Maze, Umbrella Cars, Live Oak Lady Bug and the Construction Zone.

If you want to eat or drink, you will want to head on to Parkview Café. It constantly serves salads, coffee, ice cream, soft drinks, desserts and sandwiches. Obviously, free WiFi access is available if you want it. Admission is $3 and one ride fee stands at the same amount. If you want to get an unlimited entries pass, you will have to pay $20.

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Dixie Landin Family Theme Park

Dixie Landin Family Theme Park

This Louisiana amusement park features 10 games, 26 rides, various shops and a whole lot of food. The rides do include a really good roller coaster if you are brave enough, together with attractions that are perfect for children. Its location next to Blue Bayou Water Park allows for one ticket bringing in admission to both of the parks.

The main attraction is the Ragin Cajun roller coaster. It drops from a height of 14 stories. Although marketed as the most popular roller coaster ever, it is not that. Even so, it is among those that are, allowing you to have quite a lot of fun.

For children, you will want to enjoy the Delta Crop Dusters, which is a biplane ride allowing the kid to experience the joy of flying. Others are available but this is the one that is the most popular.

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