Top 4 Fishing Places in Louisiana

The Bayou State boasts incredible freshwater fishing as well as stunning saltwater angling opportunities, offering superb freshwater angling adventures along its expansive bayous. Cypress swamps create an unparalleled outdoor experience that draws anglers in from far and wide to its marshes and bayous.

Louisiana provides fishing enthusiasts of all stripes a range of fishing opportunities, from shore fishing for redfish in the surf to trolling offshore for Blackfin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi – there is something here for every angler in Louisiana!


Venice, Louisiana sits at the junction between the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf of Mexico, creating an unparalleled fishing destination. Popularly dubbed as “Tuna Town,” Venice also provides anglers with plenty of other species they can target for offshore or inshore anglers alike.

The Mississippi River delta is an extensive network of bayous, canals, coastal bays and wetlands located throughout Louisiana that serves as the center of both its wildlife and culture. Its swamps, mud flats and backwaters contain rich nutrient-rich water which supports an intricate ecosystem full of birds, alligators, ducks and fish that call this natural habitat home.

This area is well-known for its fresh seafood and produce, especially citrus fruit. Home to commercial orange, grapefruit and lemon farms as well as passionate residents dedicated to the quality of local food, this community welcomes visitors with open arms offering both Southern charm and outdoor adventure in abundance.

Venice, Louisiana, offers plenty of fishing, duck hunting, boating and camping opportunities – it truly offers something for every outdoor enthusiast! A 2-hour drive from New Orleans will transport you there.

Venice, Louisiana lies at the southeastern tip of Louisiana and is only minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico by boat. Here, its pristine saltwater meets with the nutrient-rich waters of Mississippi River Delta for an idyllic fishing destination – especially during spring migration when yellowfin tuna migrate from their breeding grounds in Asia to Louisiana waters for breeding purposes.

Lake Pontchartrain provides inshore anglers with an abundance of species. Speckled trout and redfish are abundant while largemouth bass may also be present within this 2,000-acre lake.

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Guided fishing trips offer an ideal way to experience this area of Texas. A knowledgeable guide will be able to lead you through its maze of marshes, bayous, and canals while providing top-of-the-line gear as well as invaluable local knowledge that only they could share.


Delacroix, located near New Orleans, is renowned for its fishing community and world-class saltwater fly fishing. Offering an impressive selection of species and an idyllic coastal environment, this location makes this fishing haven ideal for beginners as well as experts alike. Fishing Louisiana marsh offers an unforgettable escape into nature where visitors can appreciate wildlife while relaxing in an uncrowded environment – you might even try your hand at fly or bowfishing!

Pointe Fienne in Delacroix is the go-to fishing spot, where anglers can catch redfish, speckled trout and flounder. Not only that but this location also serves as an ideal place for viewing various bird species that inhabit this part of Louisiana – not forgetting enjoying boat rides or picnics on its beautiful beachfront! For an added challenge at this incredible fishing location book one of many local guides as they’ll show you just where they have the fish they need for success.

Delacroix is home to numerous lakes, such as Lake Batola, Mumphry Ditch, Reggio Canal, Big Mar, Olivier Canal Bayou Juanita Tigers Ridge Lake and DP Canal. These waters provide an amazing fishing experience especially in summer when temperatures warm and water is clear; you’re likely to catch everything from bull redfish and speckled trout, black drum and sheepshead!

Eugene Delacroix was an influential early modernist artist from France. Born in Charenton-Saint-Maurice to diplomat father Charles Delacroix and Victoire Oeben – although neither were professional painters – Delacroix found great solace in religious literature such as Dante’s Inferno and Shakespeare’s works, as well as taking frequent visits to the Louvre to study them for his inspiration. His first major paintings featured religious themes while frequent trips were taken to study old master works in its galleries.

Delacroix experienced great personal hardship. After losing both his parents, at six he was left an orphan; upon the latter’s death shortly thereafter he began studying in Pierre-Narcisse Guerin’s studio; by eighteen he had entered Paris’ Ecole des Beaux-Arts to continue his training as an artist.

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Lake D’Arbonne

Location: Near Farmerville in Union Parish. As one of Louisiana’s largest man-made reservoirs, Lake Farmerville draws visitors from throughout Louisiana and beyond with its pristine water and recreational opportunities. Fishermen love it too – record catches of bass, crappie and catfish have been recorded there regularly! Additionally, several public boat ramps make fishing the lake an angler’s delight while numerous fishing piers and docks add further opportunity.

The lake serves as a natural habitat for all sorts of wildlife, from alligators to birds and bald eagles. Surrounded by a state park offering cabins, campsites and meeting facilities. Also nearby are other attractions in north Louisiana such as Chemin-A-Haut State Park, Lake Claiborne State Park and Poverty Point World Heritage Site.

Lake D’Arbonne State Park boasts over 16,000 surface acres and fourteen public boat ramps, making this pristine lake popular with both residents and visitors. Activities at Lake D’Arbonne include camping, swimming and kayaking – perfect activities for all the family! There are hiking trails around the park; perfect for nature exploration with kids – as well as an onsite restaurant serving fresh local fare! It is conveniently close to Farmerville with all of its dining options nearby.

Crappie fishing on the lake is a favorite pastime among anglers, as its shallow wooded flats and ledges make finding fish simple. Beginner anglers should focus on finding an area they feel comfortable fishing before selecting techniques that work for them. Elshout and Price suggest finding an area you feel most confident fishing before selecting techniques that work for them as soon as possible.

Lake Farmerville is fed by three tributaries – Corney Bayou, Stowe Creek and Middle Fork Bayou. Its dam and spillway help regulate its water level for year-round recreation by both fisherman and recreational enthusiasts alike. Fishing spots along its wide open areas attract summer homes as well as year-round residents; its wide open spaces draw water skiers and pleasure boaters. Throughout Farmerville there is also plenty of restaurant, bars and shops offering relaxing vacation experiences on or around its waters.

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Iberia Parish

New Iberia Parish lies at the center of southern Louisiana and boasts a vibrant community filled with culture and identity. Over time, people settled the area to build human geography such as settlements, cultures and economies which continue to this day as new individuals and families move into its region.

Iberia Parish’s early settlement can be traced back to St. Landry or St. Martin. At first, Spanish settlers arrived, followed by Acadians (descendants of French who had long resided on Nova Scotia before being exiled across various Atlantic coast regions) with families such as Moutons, Dupres, Guidrys, Broussards, Breauxs and Decuirs making up its population.

Iberia Parish in Louisiana boasts numerous lakes and rivers that provide ideal fishing spots. Cane River Lake, Toledo Bend Reservoir, and Spring Bayou all make for ideal freshwater fishing destinations that provide boaters with ample freshwater fishing opportunities as well as providing experienced anglers a challenge to test themselves against.

Vermilion Bay in Iberia Parish offers another excellent fishing spot, making for an excellent twilight fishing session when fish activity is at its highest. Here, speckled trout, redfish and black drum thrive as well as numerous other species of fish; best time of day: dusk/twilight hours when they are most active.

Iberia Parish offers many beaches and bays ideal for land-based fishing, providing opportunities to catch speckled trout, redfish, black drum and sheepshead. Additionally, these waters can also serve as great places for sunbathing, picnicking, swimming and walking.

Iberia Parish offers many cultural attractions. Museums feature art, music and other forms of expression while New Iberia Library received the Louisiana Endowment for Humanities Award and hosts lectures, concerts and storytelling events.

Iberia Parish is an epicenter for joie de vivre. A melting pot of cultures and beautiful scenery, along with world-class food offerings makes Iberia Parish an unforgettable travel experience.

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