Best Bike Routes To Consider In Berlin

Although you may think differently, Germany stands out as a well-developed biking nation. There are many interesting routes and attractions that are reachable by bike. We are talking about a really popular transportation method in the capital of the country. Berlin does bring in opportunities to rent bikes and different routes that you can consider for a great vacation.

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The Tempelhof Airport is quite wide and you can easily find a wonderful biking spot that you can cruise around in without any worries. People are allowed to ride their bikes right along airplane lanes. The experience is definitely a lot of fun, one of the most exciting that you can have in the city of Berlin. It is not at all difficult to understand why that is the case. You have no restrictions.

Tretower Park

Various interesting experiences are available in Tretower Park. You can see the Sowjet Monument and even visit a little island that is beautiful, looking as being taken right out of a fairytale. Going further out of the city allows you to see the Spreepark amusement park, which is often reached by bike from Berlin. Spreepark may be closed for visitors but this does not stop you from visiting.

Biking Across Berlin Wall

You have access to a special bike trip that takes you across the popular Berlin Wall. You would obviously see various historic sights you would surely love. The only problem is that the route is actually 160 kilometers wrong. You would soon learn that there are 14 pathes that are available, with a range of 7 to 21 kilometers. There are some local guides that will give you access to various unusual experiences, taking you to Berlin sights that are not so common. History lovers are not the only ones that will love this bike route.

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Beelitz Heilstatten

This is a location that is highly photographed and a wonderful destination for cycling enthusiasts. You can easily bike around but you are not allowed to enter houses. That is because of various accidents that took place in the past. The common approach is to go to Heilstatten by train and then take a bike to explore the entire area.


If you do want to be close to Berlin and you are interested in commodities offered, you will want to seriously consider experiencing biking in Landwehrkanal as you can discover Kreuzberg by bike. It is recommended to start your bike trip in Prinzenstrabe. Drive towards Urban Krankenhaus and then start biking. The route is definitely easy and just 3 kilometers long.

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