Best Rock Climbing Locations In Italy

As you surely expect, most of the rock climbing locations in the country are found in Northern Italy. You can also find some wonderful locations in the south of Italy but most of those that love rock climbing will go to the north.

The Dolomites dominate Italy’s rock climbing scene, especially when referring to big wall climbing. We have multi pitch routes that can even go as high as 800 meters. Many of the classic routes are offered in various grade levels, being accessible via short walks. The Dolomites is seen as being one of the best rock climbing opportunities that the world offers at the moment. You will find this location being recommended by many rock climbers.

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If you visit Sardinia, you expect great cooking but you should also look at the rock climbing scene since this is a region that has been described as being a true heaven by most that visited. You will gain access to really interesting rock climbing opportunities like limestone sports routes, traditional rock climbing routes, multi pitch routes and even bouldering routes. Granite rock climbing is also a possibility.

Arco is another really good rock climbing opportunity for those that visit Italy. Located at Lake Garda’s northern edge, the reputation of the region is constantly growing because of the quality rock climbing that is offered. You will be able to climb 30 limestone crags with options ranging from 300 meters high multi pitch routes to single pitch rock climbing sports routes.

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Lecco And Lake Como should be considered by those that are interested in rock climbing in the region. Single pitch sports rock climbing routes are highly popular but you can also go for 500 meters long multi pitch routes. The mountaineering approach can be quite demanding, with thousands of possible routes, of all grades, and around 65 crags present.

One of the most famous of the sports rock climbing regions in Italy is Finale Ligure. It is close to France on the coast with the Mediterranean Sea. The area is compact and small but you do have access to limestone rock formations that reach up to 2,000 routes. Finale Ligure brings in 20 crags, ranging up to routes of 250 meters.

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