Best Exciting Activities Near Montego Bay, Jamaica

By Vesi

Montego Bay is a really popular destination for people that want to visit Jamaica. You can experience many different things when you go there but if you love adrenaline and adventure, you will surely want something different than the tours that most tourists choose. Especially for you, here are 3 great exciting opportunities for the adrenaline lover that travels to Montego Bay, Jamaica. You might not be aware of this but there are many adventure parks in Jamaica. You do want to consider them for an adrenaline-filled trip.

Canopy Tour

Montego Bay

You can so easily swing through huge trees thanks to a Jamaica zipline tour that is adrenaline filled. Ride that zipline and stay as high as 45 feet, feeling just like Tarzan as you experience an adrenaline filled ride, all in the middle of a true tropical paradise. You can experience nine scenic nature walks and traverses. Hotel drop-off and pickup are included.

What Can You Expect?

This Jamaican canopy experience takes you from one deck to the next and from one platform to another. Traverses connect them, mounted right high in rainforest trees. Safety briefings are done first and then you will be guided by a certified professional. The very first zipline will take you over Great River and then you can go on 8 more traverses. Based on what you want to experience, various extras can be included.

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Sandy Bay ATV Off-Road Adventure

Sandy Bay ATV Off-Road Adventure

Riding an ATV to Negril from Montego Bay is definitely something that is exciting. Go to Sandy Bay, in a safari and then board the 4 wheeled ride so that you can experience the lush countryside Jamaica is known for. You will get a chance to visit farming villages, colonial-era estates, climb towards a spectacular mountain viewpoint and bump through so many puddles as you have a lot of fun.

The tour will take 2 hours and you can follow various dirt trails, under guidance by a professional. Time is offered for enjoying the scenery and you can enjoy refreshing drinks and lunch at the expenses of the tour operator when you get back to the main ranch.

Bobsledding Tour

Bobsledding Tour

Did you know that near Montego Bay you can actually go through bobsledding without having to be surrounded by snow? This is definitely something that is really rare and you will appreciate the adrenaline that goes through your veins. If you love adventure, you will not want to miss this opportunity.

The bobsled ride starts in Montego Bay and you can easily enjoy quite an unexpected adventure in a tropical, warm climate. It is possible to control adventure speed so you can experience exactly what you want.

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Obviously, this is a completely unique Jamaican vacation activity. This is where the Jamaican bobsled team trains. You can easily get to experience training exactly as they do or you can go slower. Everything is decided by you. Keep in mind that even the ride to the bobsledding facility is a treat. You will enjoy everything that is offered and various extra activities are available.

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