Best Fishing In Iceland

Iceland is a great destination for those that love fishing with so many interesting locations that can be considered by those that love this activity/sport.  The country has 2 main options in terms of what type of fishing you could enjoy: freshwater fishing and sea angling. We will talk about both so that you can properly arrange your trip when going fishing in Iceland.

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing iceland

Some of the freshwater licenses are incredibly expensive, around $3,000 but you can also go as low as $150 daily when fishing for salmon. Arctic char and trout lake fishing are really cheap and there are cases in which the opportunity is free. In Iceland, there are almost always some fishing locals close to villages and permits will be offered even at gas stations. As a tip, go for the Veioikortio fishing card. It offers the possibility to fish at 31 lakes located all around Iceland for just around $80.

Salmon rivers are highly popular among fishermen in Iceland. There are 20 that are actually considered to be elite. They are normally leased by private clubs so you need to talk with the owner club, stay at a lodge and usually use club equipment. The majority of the salmon rivers imply fly fishing only rules.

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Most of the lakes allow fishing between May and September. However, there are some that are open every single day of the year. This will include ice fishing. One river cannot have a salmon season of over 3 months so dates are set in advance. You have to ask about it.

If you want to know as much as possible about freshwater fishing in Iceland, is the website you want to visit as it shows you information about fishing waters, how to reach them, who to contact for a permit, the regulations in place and a lot of info about ice fishing. The best equipment store that you can visit in Iceland for fishing purposes is Veidihornid.

Remember that if you take fishing equipment with you to Iceland, it has to be disinfected before you actually enter the country. The exception applies to new tools. There is a necessity to have a certificate of proof that is offered by a veterinarian. You cannot import organic bait unless you cook it thoroughly.

Sea Angling

Sea Angling iceland

In Iceland, sea fishing is huge, incredibly popular. You will have no problems in finding someone to point you towards great destinations. It is not at all difficult to fish, especially if you want to catch some cod. Many of the tours can make arrangements that would cook your fish for you. You do not need permits to go sea angling, as opposed to freshwater fishing. Although there is leniency available with sea angling as opposed to freshwater fishing, the equipment you take into the country still has to be disinfected.

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