Best Theme Parks To Visit In Germany

Not many talk about theme parks in Germany but if you think that you wouldn’t be able to experience a thrill in the country, you would be mistaken. The main difference that appears between parks in the country and those in others is that Germans love to have their parks homegrown instead of importing. The most interesting theme parks you want to visit in Germany are definitely the following. Others do exit though so you will want to learn more about all options. You may find a great theme park close-by wherever you go to in Germany.



This park covers 95 hectares and features distinctive features and buildings inspired by 13 countries in Europe. Some of these are transformed into rides. As a simple example, the England zone in the theme park features London taxis, a hovering capital bus and a replica of the well-known Shakespeare’s Globe. You will want to consider the WODAN Timburcoaster rollercoaster that is present in the area themed after Iceland. In the Greece region you will be able to ride through the Poseidon water ride and every region has a top attraction. On the whole, this is a park that is really ambitious, features a lot of creativity and over one hundred shows and attractions.

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Phantasialand, which is seen as the best theme park in Germany by many tourists, has inspiration from destinations that are exotic like Mexico and China. The park is filled with exotic attractions and rides will always bring in surprises. You get to see shows like laser shows, acrobatics, comedy and dancing. An overnight stay is always recommended with Phantasialand being great for practically all the age groups.

Other Smaller Theme Parks To Consider In Germany

Filmpark Babelsberg

The two theme parks that are mentioned above are the two that you want to put on your list in the event that you want to go for the very best but the smaller ones should not be dismissed. Smaller theme parks in Germany are usually specialized. Filmpark Babelsberg, which is located in Potsdam, has film studio origins. The park often introduces action cameras, famous set recreations and stunt shows.

Hansapark utilizes the Hanseatic League history with various settings in Hanseatic trading towns being recreated, with Lubeck being a huge part. We also see attractions that take Mayan temples, log flume, Wild West, Bruges and Rostock inspired rides.

If you are looking for a theme park visit that has an educational outing for the entire family, you have many choices that are available with science based attractions being extremely popular. For instance, you can visit the Phaeno in Wolfsburg or the Universum in Bremen.

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The last theme park in Germany we have to consider is perfect if you travel to the southern area of the country. We are referring to Ravensburger Spieleland, which is close to Liebenau and Lake Constanz. It is a theme park that is based on Ravensburger group creations, really popular for puzzles, games and jigsaw productions. The age group targeted in this case is younger and the activities offered are more active, including outdoor climbing and others.

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