Best Trekking Routes In Bavaria, Germany

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Trekking in Germany is awesome. There are so many trails that you can visit and it is not at all difficult to find some wonderful options in various parts of the country. We will now stay focused on Bavaria and try to highlight the most interesting trekking routes there, according to us, of course. Let us know if you feel that we left out a trek route and share your opinions about it.

Ettaler Manndl From Ettal

Ettaler Manndl From Ettal

You can hike from Ettaler Mandl from Ettal and then go on a tour through the interesting monastery there, visit the church, enjoy a coffee at the local cafe and indulge your senses at the local cheese shop. The trek is suitable for the entire family and starts in a really small village. You will walk through a forest, alongside a river. You continue via feretta and the entire trek takes around 2.5 hours. Tourists love the view as it is wonderful, no matter where you look.

You will not need much money with you since you just have to pay for food, potential parking and your stay if you want to spend the night. You will need water, your camera and climbing equipment for the ferreta.

Zugspitze And Hollentalklamm

Zugspitze And Hollentalklamm

Zugspitze is the highest mountain that Germany has to offer and the trek route starts in Hammersbach, taking you through Hollentalklamm. The total climb that you will do is of around 2,200 meters. You can climb some parts via ferrata. Up to Hollentalangerhutte this trek option is great for children as you will be surrounded by sights they will love and the difficulty is low. The rest of the trek should be undertaken just by hikers that have some experience.

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Keep in mind that this tour takes around 8 hours. You want to visit from August to November and can find webcams online that show you if there is snow.

Benediktenwand From Jachenau

Benediktenwand From Jachenau

You may want to trek towards Benediktenwand once in Bavaria and starting from Jachneau is a great way to do this. It is not a difficult route and you will most likely not have any problem going trekking here. However, you should be aware of the fact that this is quite a long hike. It is 20 km long and it will take some time to finish it. For some trekking enthusiasts it takes 2 days. You should also know that the last incline will be challenging. Once you are at the summit, you will see great views of Munich.

Make sure that you take a lot of water with you. Some food might also be necessary.

Tell us about your favorite trekking route in Bavaria, Germany. We would love to hear from you. Before we close this post, you may want to also learn more about the following treks that are quite recommended:

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