Best Fishing Places In United Kingdom

Making a list of best fishing places in United Kingdom seems simple since at first glance there are so many interesting options that are available. The problem is that there are so many wonderful sites that it will be quite difficult to pin-point the best ones according to your own fishing preferences. With this in mind, let us simply talk about some that are great, popular and that you will consider. Just remember that in England you need to have a freshwater rod license in the event that you want to go angling.

whitby fishin


You will go there if you want to catch flounder, cod and bass. Just make sure that you go during sea-fishing tourist season. Locals will go no matter the time of year but you may want to have a better experience. Whitby offers great sea-fishing and you can even experience eel fishing right inside the harbor. This fishing place is among the oldest in UK, the places where Captain Cook started his life as a seaman.



You will go there to fish for cod, ling, pollock, mackerel and trout. There are many angling options that are available, including lakes, rivers and a large coastline. The serious fishermen will want to go to the West Water Angling Club. A one day pass there costs £30 but you will experience a real fly-fishing heaven. If you want to catch salmon, go to North Tyne as it has a huge selection of such fish, many being 30 or even 40 lbs.

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St. Ives - Cornwall

St. Ives – Cornwall

You can fish for pollock, haddock, cod, mackerel and many others here. The only problem is that that sea fishing is generally more challenging. St. Ives makes it worth it as the beach is wonderful and you will easily find a great spot where you can cast. If you want to fish for mackerel, you will only be allowed to do this with a traditional hand-line.


This is great for trout and salmon, a perfect angling destination. This is where you want to go when you want to feel alone and carry on with your fishing in complete silence. The region is sparsely populated but you can easily find lodges and guest houses. Many of them have private reserves so you can consider the option when you plan your trip. You may also consider the Assynt Angling Club since it gives a  lot of information for interested anglers.

Tamar River

Tamar River

Tamar is great for trout and salmon. You will love both the river and the 6 tributaries. Salmon fishing is great here and the entire area is simply beautiful. You can easily find a spot to stay at and there are some realy interesting privately owned fishing spots for trout and salmon.

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Remember that these are just some of the best fishing places in United Kingdom. there are so many others that you can consider. The entire region is covered with lakes and rivers and you can usually go fishing wherever you want to but make sure that you ask first since in some cases you need a permit.

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