Really Popular Inland Fishing Places In Spain To Consider

Spain is an incredible place for all people that love fishing. There are many fishing spots you will definitely love. In fact, there are so many that it is hard to make a simple list. With this in mind, let us focus on offering you the information that you need in order to have that experience you surely are after.

Inland Fishing In Spain

You can easily catch carp and large barbell in lakes and rivers. In 26 of the rivers you can catch salmon. Fly fishing is available in different areas with trout being the reason why many people actually visit Spain. Even if there are not many angling options when compared with other countries, you can enjoy the 64 fishing preserves in Segura, Las Villas, Sierra Nevada and Cazorla Nature Parks.


Rio Frio


Via Flickr
Via Flickr


Rio Frio is located in Sierra de Loja foothills. Trout fishing has been a great activity ever since 1664 and we have record catches being highlighted in past years. You can get a permit from the Alberge de Pescadores de Rio Frio.

You will also love Rio Fri as a simple tourist attraction. Many local restaurants offer great fish dishes and you can combine a relaxing experience with trout or salmon fishing.

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Costa Blanca Fishing


Costa Blanca Spain
By Phillip Capper [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The rivers that you can visit here offer great barbell, carp and great fresh water fishing near Guadalest’s Dam and Amadorio Dam. You can also fish for rainbow trout and black bass. However, if you want to catch rainbow trout, you should be aware of the fact that you will need a special license as the species is protected. If you just want to relax and you are not there for the big prizes, you can go for tuna or mackerel.


Costa Brava Fishing


Costa Brava in Spain
By Jos Dielis under CC BY 2.0


While you can also fish right from the rocks here, we recommend that you seriously consider hiring a boat. That is because you have a lot of fresh water fishing available. You can find tench, eel, carp and barbell in the rivers Onyar and Ter. Carp and pike can be caught in Banyols with Segre offering trout fishing if you have the appropriate license.


Costa Del Sol Fishing


Costa Del Sol
By Bogdan Migulski under CC BY 2.0


You can find a privately owned lake here that is incredibly well stocked with healthy and huge fish. This includes huge carp, whoppers and tench. All equipment you need will be available on site but you are not allowed to use keep nets or other hooks except barbless.

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Asturias Fishing


Asturias in Spain
By Andy Roberts under CC BY 2.0


Asturias is found on Spain’s northern coast. It is a really popular fishing destination for those people that want to catch bass. You will love to fish here because of the influence of the Gulf of Mexico, which offers warmth and many nutrients for water life. Many holiday and fishing lodges are available.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the really popular inland fishing places in Spain. You can also enjoy underwater fishing and sea water fishing in various locations. On the whole, you want to consider Spain ig you want to go on a great fishing experience.

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