Best Paragliding Locations In Austria

When it comes to paragliding, just like Switzerland, Austria has a whole lot to offer. There are so many interesting microclimates and flying sites that you can experience. The sites are usually located right along the Eastern Alps Arc, on both south and north sides. The entire region has optimal conditions and the landscape is perfect for freeflying. That is why Austria became really popular for both hand gliding and paragliding.

Two of the best paragliding locations in Austria are definitely Tyrol and Carinthia. There are almost always pilots that come during the weekends in order to have a lot of fun. Many that come from Germany will want to avoid Bavarian sites as they simply go directly to the inside of the Alps. Instead of the home country, they do tend to choose the XC long highways on the East-West valleys of Inn, Enns or Pinzgau. Many come back because of what they find here.

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Occasional Paragliding Locations In Austria

If you are an occasional paraglider, you will want to visit locations like the Zillertal Valley, Wildschonau, Andelsbuch, Stubai and Kossen. There are not many obstacles that are present. The climate is almost always perfect and flying conditions are not at all challenging. You also have access to many on-site instructors so if you want to start experiencing paragliding in Austria, these are the places that you want to go to.

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Adventurous Paragliding Locations In Austria

Austria obviously has many adventurous paragliding locations that are available. After all, we are talking about the Alps. In the event that you want an adrenaline filled experience, you will, most likely, want to visit Hinterhornalm and Venetberb. Both of these are powerful XC sites. If you want to also socialize, there are some tough regions included in more popular areas that are quite busy like Gerlitzen, Kossen, Andelsbuch and Emerger Alm. Just make sure that you choose an appropriate route.

On the whole, Austria has so many interesting paragliding locations available that you will just want to go through a list of all of them and try to learn more about what each spot offers. It is impossible not to find something that you would love but we are sure you will consider the locations highlighted above.

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