What Are The Best Fly Fishing Rivers To Consider In Italy?

When it comes to fly fishing, Italy is definitely filled with opportunities. You can so easily find great fly fishing spots and it is a guarantee that you will want to visit one of the many rivers in the country that give you access to such an opportunity. We will now go through the different rivers that you have to put on your list so that you know what the best fly fishing rivers are in Italy.

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Sieve River

Sieve officially became a fly fishing option in 2006. You will find it to be quite surprising, flowing towards Fiesole Hills, which are 40 min away from Florence center. You can enjoy wading and fishing is really popular when the summer begins since big caddis hatch. Local fishermen are interested in brown trouts, which are quite common in the area.

Tevere River

Most people know the river as it flows through the capital but you will also love the fact that you have tremendous tail water fishing opportunities. The temperature of the water is almost always cool and you are faced with a perfect habitat for grayling and brown. Among many different fishermen, Tevere River is a favorite, flowing through Tuscany’s eastern area, close to Anghiari, a great option for staying if you are a tourist.

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Keep in mind the fact that this river is only open to fly fishing and you have to respect catch and release regulations. Fishermen will be able to enjoy the European Grayling and the Appenie Brown Trout. In most cases you will want to use dry flies and the Big Browns are present when the season starts.

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Nera River

Nera River is located on Sibillini Mountain foothills. It is a spring creek that stands out as the first of all the only fly-fishing rivers in the middle of Italy. Insect life is really rich during May. This is the month when the big fish can be caught – 6 to 7 pounds. Another good place to stay is Florence since Nera River is just 2 hours away. Alternatively, consider Assissi or Perugia as they are 45 minutes away. Many consider that Nera River stands out as a tremendous experience.

Lima River

All people from Florence basically learned about fly fishing in the Lima River. It is a mountain stream that has wonderful clear waters and the trout present is available in large numbers.

Scoltenna River

You can find the river next to Lucca, next to Abetone, one of the really popular ski resorts in Florence. You will love the fact that you can experience many different types of fly fishing adventures and in the event that you are bored you can always go hiking. Most of the fishing that is done here is carried out with the use of attractors and large dry flies. Fly fishing only rules do apply and permits are necessary.

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As you can easily notice, Italy offers many great fly fishing places. These are just some of the rivers that you can consider, those that are considered as being the top ones according to locals and tourists alike.

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