Top Things to Do in Perugia, Italy

Corso Vannucci, Perugia’s main street, offers cafes and musicians. It provides the ideal way to discover its distinct atmosphere. There are countless great things to do in Perugia, Italy, with some of the best presented below.

Fontana Maggiore is an exquisite medieval fountain considered one of Italy’s greatest marble masterpieces, perfect for taking photos and admiring its spectacular design. Take some time out of your day and visit this incredible fountain.

1. Walk the Aqueduct

Perugia offers many opportunities for outdoor walking enthusiasts, and one of the best is along the Aqueduct. Walking along its 4 kilometers is the ideal way to get some exercise while taking in all its sights.

This aqueduct used to provide water for the fountain in the city center, but now makes for an excellent walking path. While strolling, you’ll see many historic buildings around you and gain new perspectives of Perugia as you take in its beautiful weather and weather conditions. This activity makes for the ideal way to unwind and take in everything this town has to offer.

Perugia offers many rewarding sights to see, including the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in its center – one that dates back to late 16th-century construction and deserves your consideration as an architectural wonder. It stands as a testimony to Perugia’s great past while simultaneously being one of its modern treasures.

While in the city, be sure to visit Fontana Maggiore – an impressive marble fountain featuring biblical scenes and zodiac signs that is sure to amaze any art and history lover. This fountain should definitely not be missed!

The Etruscan Arch is another must-see in Perugia, constructed as a monument to commemorate its presence near city gates and known as an ideal spot to take photos. After visiting, stop at nearby Caffe Forte Braccio for coffee or an Aperol Spritz; there’s outdoor seating with views of the arch for some additional sightseeing pleasure!

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Are you looking to gain more knowledge of Perugia’s past? To do so, book a tour guided by a local guide. An informative tour can reveal much about how its rich past has shaped Perugia today and influence culture today.

Touring the Perugina Chocolate Factory should be on every chocolate lover’s bucket list. Open throughout the year, this factory boasts an assortment of products as well as its own shop where visitors can purchase some delectable chocolate treats!

2. Take a Tour of the Chocolate Factory

Visit the Chocolate Factory is one of the top activities in Perugia. Not only is this an enjoyable family activity, but you’ll gain insight into the production process behind this delectable Italian treat. Depending on the workshop you select, you may unlock Perugina’s secret recipes through hands-on classes; learn to temper chocolate; or craft Baci chocolate “kisses”.

Church of San Lorenzo is another must-see attraction, with its circular design, lantern dome, and gorgeous lawn in front. You can admire this incredible structure while basking in the afternoon sun or take a seat at Cafe Forte Braccio to take advantage of a perfect view of the Etruscan Arch.

Perugia offers the perfect place for both romantic getaways and relaxing family trips alike, offering an abundance of accommodations ranging from family-run farmhouse stays such as Agriturismo San Fedele in the Umbrian countryside to rooms at Relais San Clemente converted church.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, check out one of the city’s many artisan street markets or cozy restaurants within ancient arches, where traditional dishes such as strangozzi (rustic square-shaped pasta) and “guinea fowl alla leccarda” (guinea fowl cooked with lemon and wine sauce) can be sampled.

After you’ve finished shopping, head to the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Misericordia. Although its exterior may be considered ugly by some visitors, its interior will astonish you. With baroque architecture and many priceless works of art housed within it, its baroque beauty will blow your mind.

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3. Visit the Etruscan Arch

Perugia offers remnants of its Etruscan past throughout the city. One notable example is the Etruscan Arch, once one of the gates to Perugia but now used as an attractive walkway through its historic center. Originally served as an aqueduct during Roman Era and transported water from Mount Pacciano. Today it provides an imposing overview of Perugia with all of its historical structures.

The city offers many other stunning attractions, including Fontana Maggiore. This medieval masterpiece is considered a masterwork in sculpture with its three-tiered basins of pink and white marble fountain with columns depicting biblical scenes – it serves as the city symbol and serves as its main square location.

Perugia offers another breathtaking attraction in the form of Oratorio di San Paolo, constructed during the 15th century and considered one of the premier examples of Renaissance art in Italy. It boasts a remarkable facade made up of colorful polychrome marble while the inside is filled with stunning artwork and golden embellishments.

Explore more of Perugia’s Etruscan heritage by following remnants of its original defensive walls dating back to the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. The majestic Gate of Sant’Angelo provides a fitting introduction into its medieval time capsule that is Perugia.

As an added treat, this route passes by the remnants of an ancient aqueduct. Also, visit Perugia and witness its 22-century Etruscan well – renovated during the Middle Ages as an amazing testament to Perugia’s hydraulic engineering prowess!

Perugia may not have seen as many Etruscans leave as many Roman relics behind them, yet their impact can still be felt today with Wells, Walls, and Arches marking out this ancient city’s rich history.

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4. Explore the Underground Perugia

For fans of underground caves and ancient ruins, Perugia should be on your bucket list. Filled with stunning historical sites, its underground cave system reveals even more of this Italian city’s rich past.

Perugia’s historic center will transport you back in time as soon as you walk its ancient gates and streets, taking you back centuries ago. Every alleyway, piazza, and palazzo will captivate with their charms; not forgetting Perugia has an international student population adding even more life and vibrancy!

Perugia offers many amazing attractions and activities, but one of the must-do activities is exploring Rocca Paolina and its underground city. Here you can witness different strata of the city living within these tunnels that form its landscape.

One way to explore the history of this city is through a tour of its walls. This provides an amazing opportunity to observe how these historic defenses have changed through time and how they were originally intended to defend against possible attackers.

Perugia offers many other attractions worth seeing when exploring its historical centers, such as Fontana Maggiore – a marble fountain featuring carvings depicting biblical scenes and zodiac signs. Also notable is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo which houses one of its famous relics – the Virgin Mary’s nuptial ring.

While exploring this beautiful city, you will come across plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes to stop at, including one of Europe’s leading chocolate brands – Perugina – an essential experience for chocolate enthusiasts!

Make the most out of your visit to Perugia by planning it during its off-season and visiting all its attractions without it becoming overcrowded. Furthermore, book your stay at a hotel with free parking as it will make navigating the streets much simpler while saving on transportation costs.


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