Finding The Best Fishing Places In Portugal According To Your Tastes

Portugal is a great destination for people that love fishing. You can enjoy sea fishing and fresh water fishing. Some big game fishing opportunities are available, together with cliff fishing and beach casting. What you may not know is that fishing is a part of Portuguese diet and culture. The season is long and you have access to different angling and fishing experiences.

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Portugal Fresh Water Fishing

There is a constant increase in the number of anglers that come to Portugal due to the coarse, feeder, fly fishing, specimen and carp fishing opportunities. There are many lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers in the country and you will want to visit as many as possible. Besides the really popular carp, you can also go for bass, wels catfish, shad, sturgeon, pike, chub and barbell. You will want to choose the Northern rivers if you go for salmon, trout and rainbow trout.

Before you go fishing, make sure that you get the proper license from local authorities. It is necessary for fresh water fishing. There are seasonal restrictions, tours, regulations and even independent fishing opportunities. Night fishing is not allowed in the country.

Big Game Fishing And Sea Fishing

The Portuguese coastline covers 800 kilometers. There are so many different sea fishing locations and you have access to around 200 fish species. This includes the half a ton marlin. You will want to fish in Portugal due to the influence of the Gulf Stream and the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans.

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For big game fishing you will want to visit various locations in Portugal, Azores and Madeira. The scenery is simply stunning and you will be challenged when you fish for white marlin, blue marlin, rays, conger, massive tuna, tunny, mackerel, scabbard fish, sharks and a lot more. Various boats will use the catch and release policy and boats can be chartered privately. Groups are also available.

When talking strictly about big game fishing, Madeira and Azores are among the very best of all the locations in the world.

You can go fishing for sharks in Algarve with blue sharks being common in Mako. Marlins come to Algarve when the temperature of the water rises. Vilamoura marina actually organizes marine fishing competitions. You should consider Tavira and other sites that are great for sea fishing like Sines, Sesimbra, Nazare and Peniche.

In the event that you are currently looking for something less challenging as you are either more modest or less experienced, you should go for one of the day or half-day fishing trips that are available along Portugal’s marinas. You will be helped by a professional guide and the experience can be truly memorable.

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Other Portugal Fishing Opportunities

As already mentioned, you can also go cliff fishing or beach casting in the country. Beach casting is really popular because of the great beaches found in the country. In this case you will mostly fish for bass but it is also possible to fish sole, mackerel, mullet and bream.

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Cliff fishing is particularly attractive for those that want adventure while fishing. You will want to visit Sagres, Ericeira and Algarve if you want something truly special. Local fishermen usually go for gropers, turbot, jewfish, conger eels, moray eels, bream, bass, garfish, mackerel, mullets and many other species.

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