Best Hot Air Balloon Rides In USA

By Vesi

The hot air balloon ride is quite exhilarating and after talking about the best experiences in the world, we would like to focus on those experiences that are great in the USA. Although most of the hot air balloon rides are great, some are more spectacular than others. These are the ones we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

Rocky Mountains – Colorado

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are visually striking. Operations here include hot air balloon rides that are offered by Rocky Mountain Hot Air and Fair Winds. Both operators charge $195 per person that is on the flight and if you decide to take advantage of the opportunity, you will be able to see the most famous of the mountain ranges in the country from the best possible viewing point. Journeys usually last around 1 hour and the maximum altitude you will reach is of around 10 thousand feet.

Napa Valley – California

Napa Valley

We also mentioned the Napa Valley hot air balloon ride experience as being among the best in the world and it is definitely something that you want to experience. We are faced with a really densely concentrated wine making region, featuring around 400 brands. The bird’s eye view offered by hot air ballooning for around $215 is one of the best ways to experience sightseeing. Tours are offered by Napa Valley Balloons.

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Letchworth State Park – New York

Letchworth State Park

The Letchworth State Park is located just 2 hours away from the Niagara Falls so you can combine them both in one trip. You will want to visit the park since the landscape is quite beautiful, especially because of the contrast offered by Genesee River. The aerial experience offered by hot air balloon rides will be taken care of by Balloons Over Letchworth for $245 per flight. Balloon rides last 1 hour and you will want to consider a visit during autumn as the scenery is even better.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon

You had to expect Grand Canyon on this list since this is the one area of the country that is practically known by all people from around the world. We do not have to talk about the scenery much since you already know what to expect. The only real problem is that we are faced with really high prices for hot air balloon rides. You will need to pay around $1,400, which is a whole lot more than with other options in USA. However, the journey does take 2 to 5 hours, making it quite impressive. You can even get as high as 18 thousand feet. In this case, you will be offered supplemental oxygen.

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Albuquerque – New Mexico


Every single year you will be able to visit the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This is a festival that is among the most photographed from all around the world. There are over 600 balloons that are in the air at the same time and you can actually be in one of them. You will be able to experience a one hour ride for close to $400.

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