Best Kayaking Spots In Argentina

If you are an adventure seeker, you will most likely land in Buenos Aires, the perfect starting point for various travel activities you would love, including kayaking. Kayaking is now a popular pastime in the country but that was not always the case. In fact, it is only now that we can say that the activity is truly popular in many different parts of the country.

Parana Delta Kayaking

Parana Delta Kayaking

Buenos Aires is a setting for the Parana Delta, which is among the biggest deltas in the entire world, made out of a huge network of streams and rivers, splitting the entire land region between different islands. This delta was created over a period of a few thousands of years thanks to the water that was flowing between Argentina and Uruguay by Rio de la Plata.

Because of the sheer volume covered, the delta brings forward thousands of secluded brooks, canals and rivers, all navigable around the year. The environment is protected and offers quite a huge biodiversity, in a place that is remote and that is close to Buenos Aires, just some minutes away. Out of the various places that you could go kayaking in Argentina, this is the one that is preferred by most locals. Even those that love other parts more will tell you that the delta is really beautiful for kayaking and that has to be considered.

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If you want to go kayaking in Parana Delta, you want to go to Tigre. This is a town that is really popular due to the network of colonial mansions and canals present. Wildlife abundance is huge with over 200 bird species being present.

Kayaking To Patagonia

Kayaking To Patagonia

It is a really great idea to travel south since you gain access to such beautiful scenery. Argentina is quite large, offering various climates and landscapes, ranging from great lakes to big rivers and even the Atlantic Coast. A tremendous kayaking experience can be gained when you travel from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, getting to see Tierra Del Fuego and Straits Of Magellan.

Other Kayaking Locations To Consider In Argentina

Peninsula Valdez

You should consider kayaking in Peninsula Valdez if you get a chance to visit during the mating season of Right whale. Also, you want to look at the Andean Lakes because of the fact that the landscape is really beautiful and the waters are clear. Beagle Channel, located in Tierra del Fuego, offers so much more than you would imagine with tremendous biodiversity, history, landscape and great ocean stretches.

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