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Ecuador is one of the world’s top adventure travel destinations, boasting a vast selection of outdoor activities. No matter if you’re an experienced traveler or just starting out, Ecuador has something to offer everyone.

Hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking and surfing provide exciting ways to discover Ecuador’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. With its mild to warm spring-like climate year-round and topography that supports many types of activities, Ecuador is an ideal destination for an active vacation.


Hiking is one of Ecuador’s premier adventure travel activities for those seeking a peaceful environment and some exercise. It’s an ideal way to reconnect with nature, gain a fresh perspective on life, and experience the tranquillity that comes from spending time outdoors. Hiking also provides plenty of exercise!

Ecuador offers a vast array of hiking trips that vary in distance and difficulty. If you are new to hiking, start off with shorter excursions.

The Quilotoa Loop is an iconic hike that links local buses with mountain treks to reach stunning Laguna Quilotoa. Depending on your fitness level and altitude, it can take anywhere from three to four days to complete this challenging trail.

For those seeking a more challenging trek in the Andes, consider El Altar Crater near Riobamba. This 35-kilometer roundtrip hike may be muddy and more difficult than its smaller counterpart, the Quilotoa Loop; however, those willing to make an extra effort can explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site at its highest elevation.

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Cycling in Ecuador offers an unforgettable way to experience this stunning country, whether you’re looking for an exhilarating downhill ride or just take in the stunning coastal views. From tropical Pacific coastlines to high glaciated Andean mountains, cycling here will leave you with lasting memories.

There are various ways to explore these routes: hiring a tour guide, renting a bike or taking on more challenging sections yourself. Depending on your fitness level, you could attempt pedaling down one of the world’s highest active volcanoes, Cotopaxi, or riding Devil’s Nose Train’s series of hair-raising switchbacks.

For the more daring, there are trips to the Amazon jungle where you can paddle along Class III and IV rapids or stay in a jungle lodge. With its incredible flora and fauna, this region of South America is one of its most eco-friendly areas.


Ecuador boasts numerous rivers and streams suitable for rafting. This adventurous sport provides an unforgettable way to take in Ecuador’s breathtaking natural landscape while experiencing white water rafting at its finest.

Rafting is an outdoor recreational activity that involves navigating an inflatable raft through river rapids. It’s suitable for anyone aged four or older; simply bring along some snacks!

It is essential that you heed your guide’s instructions carefully, as this will guarantee a secure trip and an enjoyable adventure.

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When going rafting, it is essential to dress for the season and have all necessary safety gear. This includes a wet suit, splash jacket, and appropriate river shoes.

For an unforgettable adventure travel experience in Ecuador, try some other adventure travel activities like rappelling, climbing waterfalls or staying at an Amazon eco-lodge. For the full immersive experience, book a tour that includes Banos & the Amazon Rainforest Basin plus exploring Galapagos Islands too!


Kayaking is one of the most rewarding ways to experience nature’s splendor. Not only does it allow travelers to connect with nature’s deepest secrets, but it’s also a great opportunity for bonding with locals and other travelers.

Ecuador provides an exciting range of adventure travel activities, such as rafting, canyoning and ziplining through jungle canopy. With its equator location, high mountain ranges and abundant sunshine, Ecuador is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

No matter your fitness level or tour destination, kayaking in Ecuador has something for everyone. A day trip to Quilotoa Lake – a volcanic crater of emerald green water at 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) above sea level – provides an exciting challenge for more intrepid adventurers.

For those who prefer remote independent travel, Yasuni National Park can be an attractive option. However, organizing this trip on your own may prove challenging and requires some prior knowledge or experience.

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