Best Outdoor Adventures In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a diverse destination where tourists can enjoy numerous fun and engaging outdoor activities. From exploring activities, such as hiking, trekking and rock climbing to fun water activities like diving and deep sea fishing and more relaxing activities like whale watching and hot air ballooning, Sri Lanka is an amazing place for those who love a diverse destination that allows them to try different outdoor adventures.

Hiking And Trekking In Sri Lanka

The mountain rainforest of Knuckles Range is popular for its demanding trekking trails. While exploring the high treks tourists get the chance to admire rare species of birds, to admire beautiful orchids and enjoy the undisturbed nature scenery. Yala National Park is a great destination for those who want to do wildlife watching. If you walk past the park, you will be able to see leopards and elephants and to discover numerous ruins and abandoned temples.

Sri Lanka offers the perfect scenario for hikers and trekkers who love to explore sacred mountains, virgin rainforests, and picturesque villages and to admire rare birds and plant species.

Rock Climbing In Sri Lanka

Those who want to do more than hiking and trekking can try rock climbing. The island of Sri Lanka provide numerous challenges for those who love to conquer the height of the mountains through rock climbing. Another exciting opportunity for the rock climbers who visit Sri Lanka is waterfall climbing. The Bambarakanda waterfall is where tourists can try this new and exciting experience.

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The island is perfect for adrenaline junkies who love all the challenges of rock climbing.

Diving In Sri Lanka

The Indian Ocean with its exotic fish, amazing corals and ancient wrecks is an exciting opportunity for the visitors of Sri Lanka who love diving. The Southern coasts of the island are known for their mesmerizing coral gardens and old wrecks that can be explored by divers. On the Eastern and Western coast of Sri Lanka besides wreck diving and skin diving, tourists can also dive with dolphins.

The ocean waters that surround Sri Lanka have numerous stories to tell and the water is warm and perfect for underwater explorations.

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

Around Sri Lanka there are numerous locations that are perfect for observing the migration of various species of whales including pilot whales, blue whales and fin whales but also humpback whales and dolphins that swim in the water. Kalpitiya is a great spot for those who want to get close encounters with dolphins while Dondra Point and Trincomalee are perfect locations for whale watching.

Hot Air Ballooning In Sri Lanka

Those who want to admire the island from a unique perspective should try hot air ballooning. Floating above the landmarks, forests and cultural sites of Sri Lanka is an amazing opportunity to be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of the island. If you are lucky, you will also be able to spot wildlife, most probably elephants, deer and various species of birds. We highly recommend hot air ballooning around dawn because the experience is truly magical.

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