Things To Do In Estes Park, Colorado

Situated 90 minutes away from Denver, Estes Park is a mountain destination for families with children who want to explore the outdoors and to engage in fun outdoor activities but also for adventurers who want are ready to engage in adrenaline inducing activities. Hiking, boating and kayaking, wildlife watching and white water rafting are just some of the activities you can participate in while visiting this beautiful mountain destination in Colorado.

Hiking In Estes Park

Estes Park trails accommodate both beginner and experienced hikers including four-legged hikers. Yes, there are some trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park where your dog can be next to you enjoying the mountain landscapes and the fresh air. Not all areas of the park are pet friendly though so be sure to check before taking your dog with you.

More than 300 miles of trails are available for visitors. Some are more difficult than others and it is important to choose a trail that is proper for your skill level.

Boating, Kayaking And Other Water Activities In Estes Park

Those who prefer to be on the water have two main options in Estes Park: boating and kayaking. Not all the lakes in Estes Park Valley allow recreational boats but almost all of them allow canoes and kayaks. If you don’t want to bring your kayak or canoe with you, you can rent them in the town. You can also try stand-up paddle boarding if you want. While on the lake, the views of the mountains are amazing and you can spend hours boating and admiring your surroundings.

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White Water Rafting In Estes Park

Colorado River is perfect for white water rafting. Experienced rafters can enjoy the drops and bumps by themselves while those who never tried white water rafting before can take classes inside the park.

Wildlife Watching In Estes Park

Estes Park is surrounded by Rocky Mountain National Park on three sides and by national forest on the fourth side and that created the perfect environment for numerous animal species.

In the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Estes Valleys, visitors can see numerous animals including elk, mule deer, moose and other large mammals, such as black bears, big horn sheep and even some felines (mountain lion, Canadian lynx and bobcat).

Small mammals are also present in Estes Park and visitors can spot them everywhere, especially around the picnic areas. Rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks are all around the park but specific areas of the park you can also sea beavers, pikas and marmots. Coyotes, porcupine and fox can sometimes be seen in the park too.

Birdwatching In Estes Park

With more than 280 bird species that live in the area, it is safe to say that Estes Park is a great place for birding. Spring and summer are the best seasons for birding in Estes Park since there are numerous bird species, such as sandpipers, gulls, finches, bluebirds and hummingbirds can be spotted in the trees or the shores of the lakes. However, during fall months, bird watchers can still admire and photograph amazing bird species including mallards, swans, coot, teal and even pelicans.

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