Best Places To Learn To Sail In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is definitely a perfect destination for people that want to learn sailing since it is a perfect combination of sparkling blue waters, beautiful islands and perfect weather. However, knowing where to go can be a little tricky.

The good news is there are so many wonderful destinations that are perfect for all people that want to go to the Caribbean in order to learn how to sail. All of the following destinations are perfect for a land-based vacation and you can find sailing schools of the highest possible quality. Also, you can opt for a live-aboard sailing experience in the Caribbean. This is a great option if you really love water.


Antigua is located in the stunning Leeward Islands. It is a pretty small island occupying a great place in the heart of hundreds of thousands of people. The harbor is deep and Antigua is a highly popular stop for cruise ships from all around the world. There will be many tourists that will be around but that will have no negative influence on your sailing experience. You can find practical courses and a highly recommended option is Miramar Sailing School.


LRN2 Sail Barbados is the name you want to remember. It works with Barbados Yacht Club and Barbados Sailing Association in order to offer sailing school options all around the year, ranging from really simple options to comprehensive lessons. Barbados is a perfect setting for beginner lessons, children sailing camps and race training. To top it all off, Barbados is one of the most popular and well-known travel destinations in the Caribbean.

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Both Petite Martinique and Grenada offer perfect sailing opportunities. You can easily explore some deserted shorelines and exotic islands while you learn how to sail. It is great to experience all that is offered through sailing as it is rather unique. If you want to learn how to sail in Grenada, Sailing School Grenada is what you have to look for. Courses are offered for complete beginners and racers. What is interesting is that training courses are going to be perfectly tailored to the students. There is even a trial course that lasts 2 hours and that lets you see if sailing is something you would like or not.

The Grenadines

Unfortunately, there are not many sailing schools that are land-based and that operate in The Grenadines. However, there are 32 islands that are great to explore and learning how to sail is quite an experience because of the tranquil waters and white sand. All the locals here are welcoming and laid back. You will be able to get ASA qualification and there are live-aboard excursions that have to be taken into account.

British Virgin Islands

Tortola is not a Caribbean island that is known by many but the charm is unique. The small island offers golden sands and clear waters, all creating the perfect setting for learning how to sail. It is easy to navigate the coast and the winds are steady. If you want to learn how to sail in the British Virgin Islands, you have to go to Tortola and enroll in the Tortola Sailing School.

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All of the destinations above are great. However, there are surely others you may want to talk about. If you know another one, let us know below through a friendly comment.

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