Incredible Diving Spots To Enjoy In Barbados

When it comes to paradise destination for scuba diving in the Caribbean, Barbados is definitely an island that must be visited and explored. Different than other diving destinations in the world, Barbados provides a unique experience that includes discovering approximately 200 wrecks and a magical underwater world.

Weather conditions are perfect for diving during both summer and winter, and the water temperatures range between 25°C and 28°C throughout the whole year. The sunny island will allow divers to discover wrecks, reefs, many colorful fish species and other marine creatures that will fascinate all divers. Diving in Barbados is a great adventure that can be experienced in many locations across the island. The dive sites are truly spectacular and we highly recommend diving and snorkeling in these top 7 diving spots in Barbados:

  1. Barracuda Junction

Barracuda Junction

As the name suggests, this diving location in Barbados is well-known for barracuda. The predatory fish can be seen on the reefs alongside other reef fish that prowl around the colorful corals and sponges.

  1. SS Stavronikita

SS Stavronikita

The most famous wreck in Barbados, SS Stavronikita is a Greek freighter that was purposely sunk and is now part of the Folkestone Marine Park. This diving site is a home to a variety of fish species including barracuda and morays, and gigantic tube sponges colored in various shades of yellow, purple and pink.

  1. Pamir


If you do not have a lot of diving experience, Pamir is a good starting point for your Barbados diving adventure. Just like Stavronikita, Pamir is another wreck sunk on purpose and a great host for various marine species, sergeant majors, frog fish, bar jack, lobster, blue tang are just a few of the fish species that can be seen underwater.

  1. Maycocks Bay

Maycocks Bay

The west coast of Barbados is the place where Maycocks Bay can be found. Divers who choose this location will be able to admire a wide range of tropical fish and beautiful barrel and coral formation. Barracuda, trigger fish, parrot fish and other fish species can be seen in this region’s waters.

  1. Carlisle Bay Marine Park

Carlisle Bay Marine Park

Carlisle Bay Marine Park has not one, but six hidden treasure! Berwyn (a French tug boat from World War I sunk in 1919), Cornwallis (a freighter from World War II), Ce-Trek (cement boat that went down in 1986)) are three of the coral-crusted wrecks that can be explored by divers. Besides the historic ships, the park is also known for the wide variety of marine that includes seahorses, frog fish, rays, barracudas, mackerel, octopus and moray eels.

  1. Dottins


A diving site renowned for its beautiful corals, Dottins is a great place for divers who want to have encounters with turtles, bar jacks, yellowtails and barracudas.

  1. Cement Factory Pier

Cement Factory Pier

The old pier is now home to a variety of marine life including a wide range of fish species and lobsters who love to hide in the holes. The diving site provides a totally different diving experience that cannot be missed by those who love to explore the underwater world.

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